May 5, 2010

TPG's LOST COMPASS: The Candidate

Let me put down my tissues, I'm still recovering from night's episode entitled "The Candidate." It was episode ripe with references to the past and full of deep character moments, and some kick ass action. There are only two episodes left before the two hour finale and once again, I'm a little perplexed on where this whole thing is going. So what do you say we strap our on backpacks (the one with the supplies, not the C4) and trek into into the jungle to find some truth in last night's shocking episode.

1. Sure, it's damn sad that all those great characters had to die, but let's just be honest, they aren't really dead. With the exception of Frank Lapidus, everyone who died on the submarine exists in the flash sideways, so it's not as depressing as say, Charlie Pace's death. As for Lapidus, I'm sure he's around in the flash sideways world. He's hanging out at Jimmy Buffet concert drinking coronas and burning joints, not randomly appearing at hospitals to face his greater destiny. In other words, don't worry about him, he's doing fine.

2. My biggest question of the episode is whether or not Jack and Locke had their island "flash" at the end of the episode in the hospital. Locke was saying "I wish you had believed me" in his sleep and when Jack repeated that line to him when he was leaving, he gave the good ol Doc one crazy look. My guess is that Jack has already had his flash sideways moment, we haven't seen it, perhaps even he's known his purpose for a long time, but for the paralyzed Locke, in that moment, he saw something. Things definitely aren't done between Jack and Locke in any timeline, these two, these men of science, these men of reason, these men of faith, are the core of the show. Great to see them sparring again.

3. CHEER UP: Hey it wasn't all sad. Did you guys check out that very groovy stair case leading onto the Ajira plan, somebody certainly had a lot of time. And how about that the fact that the wolfman's brotha Desmond is alive at the bottom of well. Any time Desmond is confirmed alive is good news for all. Also, how happy and calm is Jack in the flash sideways. He's a man complete.

4. MIND MELT: Just who is "The Candidate" that the title refers to. Sawyer, Hurley, and Jack were on the cave and lighthouse so it has to be one of those three. I'm going with Jack. Not only because he's the main character of the show, but also because of this simple tantalizing detail. Remember at the very start of the series, Jack is alone in the jungle, away from everybody else. He alone is the jungle the others on the beach. I believe that when this whole show ends, Jack somehow, will be right back on the jungle, alone, the candidate is now the leader, elected. He'll walk onto the beach and will see nothing. It only ends once.

5. DOUBLE MIND MELT WITH A SIDE OF REDEMPTION: Charles Widmore will end up being a deciding figure in the happy ending for all the characters. First introduced as a roadblock to Desmond and Penny's true love and even a full fledged villain season 4, he will be the one who knows how to connect the two timelines. He's known this for a long time (thanks to his son and continued research, remember this girl) perhaps even way back to the point where he didn't want his daughter to meet Desmond, because he knew at some point, he was going to have to microwave his ass to save the entire universe. "Sorry daughter, you know I love you, but I gotta toast your husband."

6. ACLU OBVSERVATION: With the exception of Walt, LOST has now killed off every minority character who's ever been on the show since season one. Sayid, got blown up, terrible way to go. Jin and Sun, drowned, not to great. Michael.....another explosive death. Eko....smacked down to the ground by smokie. Ana Lucia....iced by a bullet. Miss Klugh....another date with a bullet. in the jungle somewhere, alive? That tall black dude from The Wire who may have been working for Jacob....more bullets, enough for a pepperoni pizza....with bullets (if you don't get that go here) Who am I missing?

7. LOST, for all it's mysteries and theories really knows how to pull on your heart strings huh? That story Locke told about flying with his Dad, the one thing he wanted so desperately in the other time line is real gut wrenching stuff. I'm going to miss having a TV show make me feel like this. Can't wait for next week, and in the meantime enjoy this LOST techno remix.


  1. number 6 not so accurate. hugos a minority and is alive and kicking.

  2. Lost Techno Mix-HOLLLA AT IT. Great stuff Timmy.