May 27, 2010

Iron Baby Blasts Off

DAMNNNNNNNNNNN. Are you serious with this shit? I mean there is no way that this is real. Obviously it's just as real as when Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. showed up in my midnight screening. When I first saw the title I thought to myself, ohhh, how cute some guy made a video of his little child in an Iron Man costume. Then at the :10 second mark, that baby hand comes up with the repulser rays in his little baby palm, I realized this wasn't going to be some simple youtube video.

It's the little things that really make the video. The bunny getting blasted through the wall. The hot-rod in the background of the play room. The final credits that are just like Iron Man. Honestly, I'd love to see Iron Baby get his own franchise, this is just too much to handle now.

When you really think about it, it's also pretty crazy that this video can even be made. Just 10 years ago, effects like this would have cost a fortune to produce. Now, we probably have a Dad who clearly really loves his baby (and Iron Man) and made this video on his Imac. In time, videos like this will be easier and easier to make, and we all will be able to create own versions of popular franchises.

And finally I gotta say, this must have taken a considerable amount of time, maybe Mr. Stark senior, creator of this project, should spent some more actual time with the baby, instead of Ironizing him. Then again, I spent two hours writing a poem about Iron Man so.....more power to this guy.

**Big Ups to the legendary Ryan Kawamoto for tipping me off about this video**

1 comment:

  1. AWESOME but...

    Dude needs to get a DAY JOB. Or if he has one, he needs to be putting in more hours. This is cool as shit, but if this isn't for profit of some kind, what is the real gain here?

    There's no way that took anything less than 80 hours of work....