May 11, 2010

24 Points About 24: 12:00PM - 1:00 PM

 This guy is either really upset about American Idol or getting his chest cut open by Jack Bauer

1. How convenient that Dana Walsh managed to hide a camera in some location, but successfully managed for it to be shaky cam. Who was holding it?
2.  I wonder how Michael Madsen feels about being the new Chloe.
3.  When are the people who work at CTU going to learn that no one gets ahead there but following protocol. Chloe has been been breaking protocol for years, and she got promoted.
4. Michael Madsen has enough computer equipment to produce the Toy Story sequel, record the new Jay-Z disc, and program the new HALO video game.
5. Love how the evil Russian dude is dressed like a college professor in his photo that appears in the Matrix, I mean, Michael Madsen's computer system.
6. The foxy blond reporter (who in real life is married to Jon Hamm) seems to be just fine considering early today she was tortured at the UN and her hubby got killed by terrorists. Just a day in the life of  New York City reporter
7. How many different types of bluetooths are on this season of 24. I've counted at least 6 different varieties of headsets. I guess each character archetype deserves a different model
8. Damn, CTU really is like a night club. They have windows that become "less public" aka the champagne room. You know, you're hanging out with your hot hacker babe girlfriend who may or may not be a mole, and you need a little private "hacking time." You either hit the server room or you use the special windows, end of story.
9. Thank god SPRINT CREATES A MOBILE HOT SPOT for Chloe. This is the biggest product placement in 24 history. I really hoped that Chloe said something like "it creates a mobile hotspot and it has free nightime calling and unlimited texts, get to work."
10. Chloe talks to some CTU stooge about collecting time cards. You're telling me that CTU is so damn high tech yet they still use paper time cards. And by the way, why aren't these CTU geniuses paid on salary?
11. FPJ says "they're no good guys here," yeah no kidding buddy. You certainly aren't a good guy considering just a couple of hours ago you were stashing bodies in marshes.
12. President Logan really has lost it, he's just calling random Russian hit men on his cell phone now? I mean what's next, he's going to be poisoning the President's food himself?
13. Jason Pilar is the spiritual successor to Rob Weiss. They both are the uber-shady white dudes who work for shady people.
14. President Logan is such a slimy little shit, trying to get his face time for the treaty.
15. For the second there, I thought the reporter girl was going to ambushed and sniped by a perfume girl. She comes around the corner and then BAM someone hits her with the Este Lauder.
16. Jack Bauer is THE PREDATOR he can't be seen on cameras, and when he is scene he vanishes into the night, or uh, the department store.
17.  Nice little mall shoot out for Jack there, reminded me of this scene from Commando:

18. Man, I love how Logan is really turning up the heat on killing Bauer, of course you know this means that Bauer is going to have kill Logan, and boy is it going to be sweet.
19. The program that Chloe is running of Jack's associates looks exactly like a GUESS WHO program. Chloe first asks if it it's a man or a woman, then if they are wearing a hat, then ummm depending how bold she's feeling, she asks if they have a mustache, and then it's off into the great beyond.
20. Why is Meredith Reed trying to talk Jack Bauer out of torturing somebody? As a CTU agent points out, she clearly is some type of bleeding heart liberal who works for the Huffington Post. Now if she was FOX news journalist, it would be a different story.
21. You know you're getting some graphic torture violence when they give you the "viewer discretion advised" during a commercial break.
22. Pilar should honestly just say "Bauer is armed and extremely dangerous and none of you guys stand a chance against him so yeah, if you find him, just tweet about it or call me and then pray you don't get iced and strung up on a laundry bag"
23. Whenever Jack needs someone to talk he consults his medieval torture table and then grabs his convienently placed blowtorch and starts roasting marshmallows, I mean, Russian flesh.
24. Best ending of the season yet. Jack gets Charles Logan's voicemail after he calls the number on the the sync card  he ripped out of the dude's chest. Amazing! Oh yeah, that Russian dude was stop two on the Bauer vengeance train.
25. Yes A 25th, point. 24 is really kicking ass right now!

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  1. What about a shout-out for Arno? I like that guy, and he is finally playing a small, but important role. One other question - quite a scene with Charles Logan picking out the tie to wear to the press conference - which color did he favor?
    Love, Mom