May 4, 2010

24 Points About 24: 11:00AM- 12:00PM

1. I just noticed now that the big map at the United Nations looks like a prop some crafty FOX production assistants stole from the set of "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego"
2. Necar Zadegan, who plays Dalia Hassan, just painted Cherry Jones into a corner. Necar really bringing it hard on the acting front. And whoah, she was on LOST?
3. I don't know what's worse, getting water boarded or getting water boarded by a dude with a mustache.
4. A fellow CTU agent points out that usually during waterboarding the victim's eyes are covered. Uhh, thanks for the fact point buddy, but hey fellow CTU Agent, how the hell do you know that shit?
5. FPJ says "you're a son of a bitch" and Jack goes "yeah I know!" Very cool line Mr. Bauer, you are one tough son of bitch indeed, god am I going to miss you.
6. Man, I really thought Jack was going to toss that guard off the building to his death below, in fact I'm super disappointed he didn't. When are we getting that skyscraper toss death? Come on now, we're really ruining out of time.
7. Jack got that AREA 51 video game accuracy when it comes to shooting. And just like in AREA 51 Jack conveniently shoots the bad guys as they wildly run around corners.
8. The cutaways shots of the random CTU staff is a multi-ethic pleathora of staffers. You see when you have evil Muslim terrorists, cold war era Russians and Water boarding you gotta have a diverse group of people to appease all the "hippies" in Hollywood
9. I really hope that this IS ABOUT REVENGE and not about truth. 24 is ending. I want an epic finale. How epic? A fellow CTU agent suggests Jack tossing President Taylor off the empire state building. Yeah I'll take that, only if Jack takes down some fighter planes after and then falls to his death.
10. That note that President Taylor received during the press conference basically said "you are screwed."
11. Nice reference that Charles Logan makes to the "Daniels Administration" of the highly forgettable season 6.
12. The aide that the Russian diplomat Mikhail brings in with him, I believe his name is Mikhail Tokshelf, is the shadiest looking politician ever. Granted he's Russian and clearly evil, but still, they let this dude walk around the UN? He'd would get stopped in a second. "Hey excuse mr don't I recognize as from every James Bond flick ever, you played the bad guy's henchman...."
13. President Logan really missed a great opportunity by getting back into politics. He should have joined the legendary Southern Cali bank robbers, "The Ex-Presidents."
14. FPJ, dude, I love ya and you've done a great job this season. But stop clenching your job so much bro. Serioulsy you're going to have an annueryism
15. Chloe needs to stop delegating and start regulating. Doesn't she know that no one at CTU has her technical skills.
16. I love how even though 24 is ending, they still feel the need to sneak in the foxy government aids. I can see the writers now, "no, wait, the guy's assistant is a another dude, can't we find a way to get a smoking hot aide to hand him tablet computers"
17. Dana Walsh's back story delivered in a speech, what are you serious?   The really missed a big chance to talk about her past on the Galactica
18. Man, I hated Dana Walsh all season, and now that she has evolved into full fledged villain, I'm not gonna lie, I really like it.
19. Come on FPJ, you fell for the old exploding box trick. Got Ricky Schroeder back in season 6 and now it gets you.
20. Wouldn't be a 24 episode without some convient product placement for Cisco systems.
21. Since they have full access to the bank's security system you'd think they'd see the blonde girl with the exploding box and the gun popping employees. That's a unforgivable plot vortex.
22. "Do You Know Who I Am?" Says Jack! Hell yeah we do. That's a point all itself.
23.  Dana Walsh is an everyday Nico Bellic, shooting random New Yorkers in the street. By the way, love that they clearly shot these scenes on location.
24.  I'd like to welcome Dana Walsh to the Jack Bauer Vengeance tour 2010. You are the first stop on a train that leads all the way to the top.


  1. Why did Chloe let a new guy into CTU? Where was her feistyness? Why didn't she sabotage the computers that guy and his gal were using. C'mon Chloe, don't let all the guys be the heroes!!!
    That's what I think, TPG! Love, Mom

  2. She dead!!!!!!!!!!!