May 17, 2010

24 Points About 24: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

1.  Press Secretary Angela Nelson of the United Nations is a pretty fine looking press secretary. On another note, President Logan's choice of a red and blue tie is mediocre at best. Logan, keep it the tie color solid, just straight red or consult this handy website about tie choice.
2.  Nice little shot of what's left over of Pavel, as Pilar said it "Bauer is out for blood," clearly he's out for lots of blood, aka, sangre, aka hemoglobin. Call the Vampires, Jack Blauer needs blood.
3. Jack Bauer has come a long way. Just seven seasons ago Jack Bauer hated the media, and now he's spilling it all out to some journo-reporter who doesn't even work for FOX news. Funny how Jason Bourne in his darkest hours also turned to a reporter. Of course that Bourne reporter got iced, but oh well.
4. You know it just occurred it me, why on earth would President Taylor trust Logan in the first place. This is a dude that both botched being the President and technically being a terrorist. I mean who made him the resident strategist? It's like having Doc Rivers call play for the Patriots; it just doesn't make sense.
5. I can tell how much President Taylor hates Charles Logan. Actually, one part of me really hopes that she finally gets in on some action and teams up with Bauer to take down Logan in one giant United Nations battle royale.
6. Michael Madsen is a fat slug.
7. Bauer has really turned up the heat with the size of Jack sack this season. In the next season the sack will twice the size of him and contain a pile of WMDs.
8. What type of pills is Allison Taylor taking? She planning on popping some ecstasy and hitting up CLUB CTU to hear that banging Armin Van Buuren techno remix of the 24 theme song? I mean they have those windows that turn into any room into a "VIP" area, if you know what I'm saying.

9. Really sad to see good ol Timmy Boy being President Taylor's errand boy. You're better than that Tim! Stand up up for the press. Make S.I. Newhouse school of Public Communications proud.
10. My fellow CTU agents and I are in agreement that Bauer's motorcade attack suit looked very Iron Man esque, in fact I'd say it's a ode to the legendary Mach 1 armor. Please consult here for more information on Iron Man armor modifcations including underwater armor, space armor, and armor made for battling the hulk.
11. Jack Bauer's face kick Logan's guard was clearly a nod to the World Cup fever that is about to sweep through the United States.
12. "Mr. President, get up or I'll kill you right here!" Bauer as The Dark Knight/ The Black Knight/ Big Daddy was pretty damn terrifying.
13. Jack Bauer took President Logan underground, back to hell where he belongs, alright, I'm getting a little to carried away with Jack Bauer vengeance train.
14. You know, no one talks about it, but in all these interrogation scenes, whether it's Logan or Pavlov last week, people are always doing some damn fine acting.
15. If a person had never been to New York and was watching 24 this season as a preview of New York City life, they would assume that New York is 40% streets and 60% dark passageways with lots of indoor wire fencing.
16.  Chloe certainly knows how to put foxy/evil Pilar aids in their place, she's been in this 24 shit too long to let some none-hacker woman boss her around.
17. Love how journalists are shaping up to be heroes during this season of 24.
18. This season could really blast off into the legendary status if Tony Almeida some how re-appeared for the finale.
19. Only in 24 do the Russian henchmen have chinese letters on their necks and are super quick to give up information about guard locations and key card specifics.
20. DAMMMMMMN! Jack got knifed in the chest, didn't even flinch, pulled a quick lil turnaround reversal and promptly stabbed the the henchmen in his chest with his own knife, in almost the same location that Jack stabbed him. That is, dear readers, what I call beautifully violent symetry.
21. FPJ thinks he can put down Jack Bauer? Is he serious? Look FPJ, I like you but, you've been smoking way too many scooby snacks if you think you can take down Bauer.
22. President Logan, you left the show in season 5 and now every time you come back you either get stabbed in the chest or get your ass beat by Bauer. Tough break as a guest star, actually, you're a special guest star.
23. Jack Bauer was really doing work! Mikhail Novakovich has a fire place poker in his chest. Why wouldn't they show us this? Why! Why! Why! If there is any justice in the world this scene will be on the deleted scenes on the DVD.
24. This is two times in a row that Bauer has attached a listening device onto Charles Logan without him knowing it. Come on Logan, you'd think by now you'd learn Bauer's tricks. You are such a rookie.

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