April 28, 2010

TPG's LOST COMPASS: Los Angeles Recon (Sawyer & Miles Spinoff)

With no LOST last night, I was forced to take a long look in the mirror and think about who I'm going to be without LOST on the air. Well right when I was in my darkest hour, I got a call from ABC and they said....."Yo, TPG, we love your LOST COMPASS, why don't you write that Sawyer and Miles Spinoff you're always talking about." So here are my thoughts about the show that will be a reality soon.

The show will be called "Los Angeles Recon" and it will feature James "Sawyer" Ford and his crazy partner Miles "Whispers" Straume. Together they'll cruise around LA taking down perps, sexing up chicks (well, only Sawyer will be doing that), and conversing with dead people (Miles will talk to them to find the good Donut spots).

1. In the first episode Sawyer and Whispers are going to nail the meanest drug dealer in Los Angeles. A diabolical mastermind who is rumored to have some type of mystical powers. Born of a broken home, traumatized by a kidnapping in his childhood, and possessing an uncanny ability to appear in places where he shouldn't be,  Walt Lloyd runs the streets. With his father dead, he rebelled against his lawyer mother and took up a life of crime. He lives in a penthouse with his dog, his only true friend, Vincent. In a move very similar to Michael Corleone, in one night, he fried the minds of rival drug lords Stuart Radzinksy and Kelvin Inman. Sawyer and Whispers are really up against some tough competition with him.

2. Things get really loopy in the second episode when the boys have to protect a key witness to a grisly double homicide: Daniel Faraday.

Whispers: Jim, I just need you to trust me, this guy is not telling us everything he knows.
Sawyer: How you know Kemosabe, the whisper's talk to you again?
Whispers: Jim, you know what I told you about those.
Sawyer: What, that you're kind of....wait, look at that sexy witness, I'm going to talk to her.
Whispers: Jim! Jim!
3. The pace accelerates in the third episode when Miles actually finds a girl himself. A wild and free spirited sky diving Aussie named Naomi. Sawyer is happy for him, but suspects there might be more than meets the eye. A little research reveals this Aussie actually has ties to a shady international network of psychics, including Richard Malkin, Lyn Karnoff, and the ringleader, the mysterious Desmond Hume, who is said to have the ability to see the future. Sawyer and Whispers really get after it in this episode, with Whispers having to use his psychic gifts to win the hearts and minds of Naomi and Sawyer using, well, his superior firepower to take the whole bloody network down.

If everything works out, the show will be on the air next fall, I just need to talk to my people

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - I didn't make this trailer, but it's very close to essence of the show.


  1. the best name for the show was in the podcast: "Spirit of the Law."

  2. o.o!
    Walt Lloyd is an evil drug dealer?
    That explains a lot

  3. Okay! love the whole thing, but the poster of them is like Miami Vice! Sawyer looks too grubby and looks like Don Johnson. He's not that grubby looking in the show and at least give these guys some kinda "stinking" badges. I'm all for it - Recon!

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