April 21, 2010

TPG's LOST COMPASS: The Last Recruit

Lift your heads and look to the sky, because it's raining missiles on LOST. Last night's episode entitled "The Last Recruit" featured not one, not two, but three missile attacks and that wasn't the only explosive thing going on. We got some great character moments and finally some real deal decision making. Well, by now you know the deal, I can't get too deep into explanations while I'm in Italics, so let's say we strap on our heavily weighted backpacks and leap from the boat into the vast ocean of last night's episode.

1. "You were trapped before you even got here," says Smoked Out Locke to Jack. Now, I don't want to offend anybody here, but is it possible that perhaps Jacob has trapped these people on the Island because Jacob is actually the bad guy. Think about it, JACOB is the one that has been meddling in their lives, not the Man in Black. Jacob is the one that seemingly offers no one a choice, while the Man In Black is very calm. Sure, Man in Black has a tendency to vaporize himself and regulate on people, but Jacob ain't the kindest guy either. He straight up played Ben Linus for a fool for years and enslaved Richard Alpert. Consider me dangerously close to siding with team Man In Black.
2. NERD ALERT- Sawyer not knowing who Anakin Skywalker is more bogus than Hurley not losing any weight while stuck on an Island. Sawyer has been quoting Star Wars the whole series, and now he doesn't know the name of it's most crucial figures. Here are some examples, even more here.

  • He has called Hurley "Jabba" in the past
  • In season 3, he tricked Aldo with the "Wookie Prisoner Gag"
  • Once, hilarious called Ben "Yoda."
If he called Hurley Jabba that would mean he's probably seen "Return of the Jedi" which features Darth Vader being called Anakin. Whoahhh, slow down there TPG, this is a LOST recap, not a Star Wars convention.

3. Besides the fact that everyone thought that Jin and Sun were going to get fried by the pylons, I thought their reunion was touching. And in a twist everyone saw coming, she regained her ability to speak english when she was reunited with her true love. Yup, LOST is really pushing this whole healing power of love thing.
4. Brothas, let me take a minute to talk about my main man Desmond. Does anybody really think he's dead in that well? You know he's coming back with his spear gun and going to start regulating on everyone. Why? Cause that's what he does...........brotha!
5. MIND MELT: I heard a theory this morning that really sent tingles down my spine. JACK IS DEAD. Yup, he was killed in the predator missile attack (Does Widmore use hardline pro?). What is my evidence of this. Smoked out Locke grabs after he gets blasted and says "it's ok you're with me now." The last person to use that language - Claire in season 4. After she appears with Christian, she says "it's OK, she was with him (Man in Locke)." Has Jack joined Sayid and Claire on team evil and doesn't know it, we'll see.
6. DOUBLE MIND MELT: So Man in Locke tells Jack that he has used Christian's body in the past. However earlier in the season in the episode "Recon" we learned the smoke monster can't travel across water. So how exactly did Christian appear on the boat to Michael to let him know he was toast? Is this an error on the writer's part or perhaps is the Man In Black not that trustworthy?
7. Where the hell is Jacob? Is Hurley carrying his ashes in that pouch? Yes, he is, but seriously, his Lebowski hating ass better show up soon cause Man In Black definitely has the upper hand right now.
8. Finally, it looks like my prediction about a big jolly hospital meet-up in the flash sideways is coming true. However, at this point I'm along for the ride in how it will all play out. Llana in the flash sideways? She seems to be working with Desmond? Sent my head spinning for sure. But, I am certain about one thing. Sawyer and Miles need to have that spinoff cop show. If that garden hosed takedown of Sayid and that smooth talking to the sexy suspect is any indication, I think I know what I want to be watching when Lost ends.
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  1. Widmore will use strictly cold-blooded pro to take down Lupidas' helicopter