April 7, 2010

TPG's Lost Compass: Happily Ever After

Welcome to the end of Lost my friends, I hope you are ready for this amazing story to come a close. Last night's episode titled "Happily Ever After" featured our main brotha Desmond and like all Desmond episodes it succeeded in being touching, romantic, thrilling, and full of information on how to interpret the show. It also set up how this is all going to conclude.  So let's grab a glass of MacCutcheon whiskey and savor the episode.

1. Before we take off into the heady theorizing, let's just put this out there, LOST=LOVE. Many of the character arcs, at least the good ones are all rooted in deep undying love. Tonight we had Charlie, Desmond, Faraday all talk about this powerful love that can shape space and time. Jin, Sawyer, Sun, Sayid, Claire, Ben, Kate, Jack, Richard and more all have love as the key to their storylines. Now if you believe that the Smoke Monster actually had a mother, as he told Kate in "Recon" (clip here) then perhaps his actions have been influenced by this cosmic love as well.

2. "The Island isn't done with you Desmond! "This line repeated last night, is ultra-important. We know that Desmond is looking for the flight manifest. What is he going to do with it? He's going to convince everyone about their other life, their "Island timeline" life. Example:
Desmond: Hey Brotha, do you remember getting ya appendix taken out brotha.
Jack: Actually no I don't
Desmond: That's because it happened on a Island in another timeline
Jack: Excuse me?
Desmond: Brotha brotha brotha brotha!
It won't play out like that, I'm not a LOST writer but you get the picture. This action will effectively put "the cork back on the bottle" and reset everything to the way it was meant  to be, a.k.a., the Island timeline.

3. Now as for his purpose on the Island? I think it has something to do with the pockets of electro-magnetic energy on the Island. I think the Large Hadron Collider magnetic machine they put him in last night was just a mere warmup to the insane amount of energy they are going to expose him to. Now, I think that both The Man In Black and Widmore/Jacob both want him to get into their energy, but their motivations are different. Widmore wants him to destroy the flash sideways and keep MIB in place. MIB wants Desmond to destroy Island timeline which will somehow free him from the Island.
4. Let's talk about art here, folks. Widmore, besides being the BOSS, has a long history of surrounding himself with important paintings. Check out the link to see what I'm talking about. Last night we saw a new painting: the scale. The important thing to note is that the scale is balanced. Is everything in that timeline how it is supposed to be? Ben and Hurley might agree. Sun and Sayid, I'm not so sure.
5. MIND MELT: Think back to Season 2. Shannon sees Walt in the jungle soaking wet speaking backwards. Later in season 2 finale, Miss Klugh asks if Walt ever appears places where he shouldn't be. Is it possible that Walt was speaking backwards and soaking wet because he came from the flash sideways. One where the Island is underwater? (Note, I have a hunch this Walt storyline won't be resolved)
6. FUN FACT: Last night's episode featured the first Academy Award winner ever to be featured on LOST. Who? Fisher Stevens, aka George Minkowski, Desmond's driver. He won an Academy Award this past year for producing "The Cove."
7. Call me a hapless romantic, but I was loving the end of the episode where Desmond and Penny begin their romance again. Of course, I don't know what coffee shops in LA are open at midnight, but who cares. Kudos to the writers for coming up a fresh twist on the greatest romantic saga on TV.
8. I'm sorry if this COMPASS is not on par with the others, this episode was a real head spinner. Last night on twitter, head writer Carlton Cuse tweeted that the episode was a new chapter for LOST. Yes it was indeed. My head is spinning and I can't wait to see where these final episodes take us. It's going to be a wild ride....brotha.


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