April 14, 2010

TPG's Lost Compass: Everybody Loves Hugo

At the Lost Panel at Comic Con last year, a rotund man got up for his question and answer period with the stars. Rather than ask some prying question, he merely thanked actor Jorge Garcia for portraying a character that he could see on TV and feel good about himself. It made me realize that everybody really loves Hugo. He is Lost's resident teddy bear, it's voice of the fans (remember all those Star Wars jokes last season), and now it's de-facto hero. So, let's grab a good ol' family size bucket of Mr Clucks and start chowing down on last nights offering.

1. Forget Sayid as the destroyer, Desmond is just running down paraplegics now! I wonder, did his Island mind kick and tell him:

"Hey brotha, this brotha just you tossed you in a well on an iesland timelina brotha, go run ova this brotha, Brotha!

I don't think that's the case, he merely needed him to get Locke's stubborn ass to the hospital to meet with Jack, Sun, Jin, Charlie, Ethan, and whoever else is going to be there. Count it folks, we will see some hospital related action later in the season.
2. PRE-HEAT MIND MELT: Desmond is cruising around meeting up with our Losties and guiding them toward their destiny. Sounds a lot like....old school Jacob.
3. Hurley says to Michael, "So are the whispers the people who can't move on" And he just says, "Yes." For a show that's built on zapping your brain with electro-magnetic story telling telling, this direct answering of mysteries, feels straight up strange. Then again Michael could have been lying to manipulate Hurley....
4. MIND MELT- In the season 4 finale, Christian Shepard appears to Michael and says "You can go now" and then Freighter promptly blows up. Was Christian lying? Was this just sloppy writing? Was Christian actually the smoke monster releasing Michael from his part in the cosmic plan to get off the Island? Uhh probably. Or was Michael in this episode actually Smoked Out Locke? You know, tricking Hurley and his fellow candidates to come to his camp for pot-luck dinner and death.

Last Night's Little Rascal
A young Paul Walker from "The Substitute"
5. DOUBLE MIND MELT WITH SHAAARRP CHEDDAR: Once again, Locke sees some little youngster in the jungle. I'm betting all my LOST cred that this kid knows the other little tike, you know the one with a preference for bloody arms from "The Substitute." And let's take it a step further; I'm also thinking that the blonde boy is Jacob and this new cat is the Man In Black. Each has the correct hair color and wardrobe choices to match their more modern versions of the character. Now what they are doing the jungle? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.
6. Well, let's talk about that well. Seen before in previous seasons, we know know it was built by people trying to figure out what makes the compass arrows spin. Translation: the people who built it were trying to figure out what the Island is. Now, compasses work because of electromagnetic energy, and electromagnetic energy is the most integral part of the entire show. Whether it's Desmond pushing the button, Desmond traveling through time, Faraday's research, Razinski drilling to the pocket,  Desmond getting zapped, or the current flash sideways world, this science which is both simple and mind shattering complex. Either way it is THE KEY TO LOST. We should all start here at the wikipedia page.
7. Another great episode! Now my big question is who can you trust? Do you trust Team Hurley, made of us extremely calm and wise Jack, writing pad friendly Sun, and Frank "The Terminator" Lapidus? Do you trust Jacob, who has been absent for some time now? What about Ben, Miles and ol Richy Boy Alpert, they have lots of island knowledge and leadership experience? Don't forget Smoked Out Locke, and his posse of frustrated (Sawyer & Kate), evil (Claire) and Sith (Sayid) pals? Across the pond you have Widmore and his Tina Fey scientist crew? So many factions! Me, I'm siding with my Hurley, why? Cause Everybody Loves Hugo. That's why.
Even Larry Loves Hugo!


  1. I think the kid we saw last night is Jacob, he looked a lot more like adult Jacob than the other kid. Or is it possible that the writers hoped we would assume they were the same kid, given their VERY similar wardrobe AND Flocke's reaction being identical both times. I don't necessarily think they are different....

  2. Interesting on IMDB, the actor listed as playing that kid is the same kid that I'm assuming is Jacob.