April 8, 2010

This Vegetarian Life

For 47 days I didn't eat meat. Yeah, I know no DEEZ. What was I eating? I was eating fish, actually, I was devouring a LOT of fish, how much, about 20 shoals. Every time I went to a diner, my buddies would be taking down bacon double cheeseburgers I would getting down on a Tuna Melt. I mean T-Melts aren't bad but after I while I was getting bored of them and I don't like egg salad.

And when I got exhausted of Tuna melts, I was switching over to shrimp. You ever really think about shrimp? They just float around in the ocean, waiting to get captured and turned in scrumptious eats. All you shrimp supporters out there, get after me, tell me what I said about them isn't true! thislalife@gmail.com

But I wasn't just living on fish and shrimp, I was getting down on the greens too. My go to vegetable of choice: the california avocado. What a vegetable that thing is!  I'm convinced that avocados exist on planet earth to remind people that the meatless life isn't that bad. Cados are the most multifaceted of all the vegetables.  Put on em salads, sandwiches, or make some guacamole. They are the Macgyver of vegetables.

The case for not eating meat are strong. Animals don't die. It's pretty healthy for you. You tap into natural energy from Eywa. However, that being said, the case for not being a vegetarian is stronger. See below:
Yes, that is a donut bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg in the middle!

1 comment:

  1. eating fish means you're not a vegetarian.
    and 47 days? i could go 47 days without touching my own dick.
    grow a pair of balls. stop eating your greasy meat altogether. and as for the shrimp comment... i'm just going to assume you're not an idiot and you know how bad shrimp-trawling is for the environment and the ecosystem. word.
    ps. you like 30 rock?