April 12, 2010

The Blog Squad

In the spirit of this summer's ensemble action movie theme, I've decided to highlight for you who is in my roster of trusted bloggers. If for some reason, in the future, the robots take over and the bloggers have to save the world (note, I dream that this happens every day) these would be the people I would want on my squad. So check out their blogs, I think you will find them enjoyable, and featuring less typos than mine.
Oh Cod!
This is the newest blog on the game.  I'd have to say, Cod, which is a weird name considering he refers to himself as "bear like" and bears eat fish like cod, is doing a great job. You can tune in here for musing on life, family, and everything else that tickles his fancy. He also has a solid guest blogger on the weekend who frequently brings the thunder as well. Ah, yes, why is the picture for this a bear? Go to his site and ask him.
Lifting Fog
The only blog on the list to feature two writers. In fact, the writers are currently in different time zones and separated by an ocean vast and wide. While posting here is intermittent, when there is a post you are due for a treat. Henning who is currently working for the Dharma Initiative and DJ STEVE who you folks know as the a guest blogger here call the shots, be on the lookout for posts.

Rock and Bacon
In the words of this blog's creative mastermind, this is a site about music, art, photography, bacon and other interesting things. A great place to discover fresh new bands and super heady photos and art, definitely worth surfing around here. So I'm not sure what's going with the bacon part of it, but bacon is damn tasty so who cares. Actually speaking of bacon, here is a video that features rock and bacon.

A Sophisticated Noise
For all you folks that think that thislalife.com doesn't have enough movie reviews. Yes I'm talking all you people out there who tuned in on Friday and said: "whaaaaaaaaat? TPG didn't review Date Night, what kind of operation is this?" Anyway back to matter at at hand, run by an old classmate, this site features some serious real deal film criticism. For all folks that think my ramblings about Oh Shit Moments and badass meters is too much, this is the site for you.
Cinema Chronicles
Although it hasn't been updated in a while, this is best designed blog on the list. You can tune in here for film reviews, movie news, trailers, and DVD reviews. Other bloggers take note of this design.

Things That Happen
You didn't think I could forget about main man Jay Judah. Jay and have been in this blog shit since the beginning. We're like the Gibson and Glover of blogging. I don't know what else to say about the legendary site, but needless to say, if there is anything cool on the internet, it's probably going to up here.  But wait, TPG, there's so much cool shit on the internet? Yeah, brah, but da coolest shit ends up here.

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  1. because bacon is only second to rock as THE most delicious thing :)