April 20, 2010

24 Points About 24: 9:00AM- 10:00AM

1.  When bad guys look at Jack Bauer's bloody t-shirt they see some type of Rorschach test. However, after seeing this Rorschach test they usually see a vengeful Jack Bauer bearing down on them.
2.  Now that we know that 24 isn't coming back next season, I think the chances of Renee pulling a Tony Almeida and rising from the dead are slim.
3. Ethan Kanin is one fool in love. One minute he's bedridden and the next he's back on his feet having romantic meetings with the President in the presidential chamber.
4. With President Logan wheeling and dealing like old times I wonder when they are going to address the old time issue such DIDN'T THIS DUDE GET STABBED IN THE CHEST last time we saw him in season six.
5. The look that good ol Sergei Bazhaev gave Bauer when he walked into that court room was straight out of "A Time to Kill," which if you didn't know starred Kiefer Sutherland as an evil psycho. Damn Kiefer how come you can't be like McConaughey and do some romantic comedies?
6. That's twice this season that Bauer cuts right to the chase during an interogation and goes right ahead with the threats against people's families. I mean this is his last hurrah, so he can't waste any time.
7. Confirmation that the Russian Government was behind the whole day! Wow this is the first season where the villains at the start of the day are actually linked and to the villains at the end of the day. Well done 24 writers, I don't know if you planned that, but well played none the less.
8. The only thing that Dana Walsh is a mastermind of is low voiced whisper voices, nothing else.
9. I'm not exactly why Jack is getting in taxis, I mean two episodes he was just stealing whatever Asian import car that he could find.
10. Mannnnnnn, I really hope that this season comes down to Bauer and Logan having an epic showdown, preferably in a steel plant.
11.  Even though he still has that strange neck gizzard thing, it is great to have a fine actor like Gregory Itzin back on the show. Itzin, wait a minute, is that a Russian name? What's going on here?
12.  Jack tells Chloe he's going to wake Agent Walsh up to "the idea of being dead." What exactly does that mean? I guess that means a face slam to the table, and a couple of back hands.
13.  Speaking of face slams and back hands, a couple seasons ago that would was child's play. He would have snapped her fingers like chicken bones.
14.  Give it up for Cherry Jones, her brief reaction to learning of Renee Walker's death was a showcase in precise emotional acting.
15.  Yeah, President Taylor is putting forth a valiant effort, but she is getting positively owned by Charlie Logan.
16. Between using the words "platitudes" and quoting Julius Caesar President Logan has proven that during his time off between seasons, he spent a great deal of time learning latin, playing bocce, and attending Harry Potter conventions where she impressed nerds with his knowledge of how Latin is the root of all spells in Harry Potter.
17. Talk about a turn around in Chloe's life. Two hours ago she was some lowly drone crunching numbers at CTU, now she has the President on line three.
18. President Taylor thanks all the people at CTU for their hard work and vigilance. However she forgets to thank the janitors and lighting crews that restored the place to brand new condition after the EMP attack. Those guys are the real heroes.
19. I often wonder what those screens at CTU show when there isn't a crisis? Does Arlo fly his drone over the Lost set in Hawai in an attempt to find out spoilers. "Arlo, you're such a nerd! Put the drone back over the Mets game!"
20. In one confrontation Bauer realizes that the President doesn't care about the truth and that he, Jack Bauer would make a great President. Check out the presidential tickets below
21. Bauer/Almeida or Bauer/O'Brien for President in 2012. Other tickets include Bauer/FPJ or my personal favorite: Bauer/Bauer, yes, there is nothing he can't do.
22.  I know she's the President, but President Taylor could really run a tight-ship if she was in charge of CTU. I don't think there would be any shady employees then, wait, oh, that's right shady employees have plagued her administration since the beginning, so scratch that.
23. Man, Chloe is getting all sorts of accolades as of late. Perhaps in the previously mentioned spin-off Tim Woods can be a romantic interest. After all, Tim Woods does speak very highly of her.
24. Chloe really doesn't get out of the office that much, she's vampire status pale in the sunlight. In fact she looks like she would fit right in the Twilight franchise, she could play Victoria, oh shit, I just revealed that I actually know something about the Twilight franchise, oh man, no I don't, 24 is the best. Bauer for life!

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  1. Regarding (16), the obvious comeback to Logan's "tides of men" quote is "Gee, and what happened to Brutus, after all." Ethan needs to work on his repartee.