April 12, 2010

24 Points About 24: 8:00AM-9:00AM

1.  So if the President's aide had Jack Bauer on the line for the President, does that mean that Jack Bauer was on hold. Jack Bauer on hold? I don't care who is on the phone. The President? The Pope? Will Schuester from Glee? Doesn't matter, nobody puts Jack in a corner, or on hold.
2. As a seasoned 24 veteran seeing Jack come so close to save Hassan and fail is actually kind of heartbreaking. In fact the whole opening 10 minutes of this episode are wicked depressing. They even have sad piano music running throughout the whole thing.
3. How fitting that in the final season of 24 the bad guys are the Russians. 24 is an action thriller about spies. Spies exist on this planet to fight Russian spies. So thanks 24, thanks for keeping it old school.
4. You can say what you want, but the evil Russian prime minister has a point. Hey brughh, Hassan tortured the shit out of you, aren't you a little happy that he's gone? Props to the IRK diplomat for standing up for what's right, even if you are damaged.
5. If you've learned anything from 24 folks it's that Presidential spouses cannot be trusted. Go ask Sherry Palmer or President Taylor's husband.
6. Tim and Chloe in the same scene? This is 24 history!
7. Chloe is in charge of CTU! I smell a zany 24 spinoff where Chloe manages her baby, her goofy British husband, and protecting the free world.
8. Regarding Dana Walsh,  Director Hasting says "I recruited the snake into the garden."  So Shakespearean, brah, guy's an everyday Hamlet.
9. Jack's pad is lacking in some key elements. What elements are missing. A battle axe, a katana, and framed portrait of Jack's greatest kill: Fayed hanging from a chain. (both those links are glorious)
10. Jack Bauer going in for the kiss! Such a bold tactical maneuver.
11. So why Alan Greenspan had to die is beyond us. Also props to a fellow CTU agent for making the Greenspan call.
12. This is the most sexual episode of 24 ever. For all you Bond/Bourne lovers out there, you saw what was going on in that mirror. Not only is Jack Bauer 100% bad ass in the field, he is clearly 100% Cassanova in the bedroom, can't wait to see his cooking skills!
13. Love how the Russian diplomat through the old fashioned "GOOD DAY!" on his statement that he won't be signing the treaty. "Hey TPG, can we watch GLEE instead of Lost tomorrow?" "No you may not....Good Day!"
14. President Logan has been calling Ethan on his cell phone. Come Logan, you gotta hit him up on his twitter, facebook, myspace, and four square account. His handle: "Undercoverpresidentlover"
15. It's funny that CTU Human Resources is so good seeing people get fired/laid off yet so terrible at hiring people.
16. FPJ takes one look at Chloe after her strategic deduction and realizes that he has been outwitted by a small supporting character from "Little Miss Sunshine."
17. Fellow CTU agents point out that Kayla Hassan has lost both her boyfriend, father, and mother (well technically she lost her to politics). She should take some notes from last season's presidential daughter Olivia Taylor, you don't want to get involved in these politics, it only leads to trouble.
18. Seeing President Logan in action makes me miss the legendary Agent Pierce. Where is this dude?
19. President Logan is rocking a mean double chin or some type of gizzard thing. Honestly what the hell is going with that? Is he half turkey?
20. Great scene between the current reigning President and the disgraced leader of the past. I can't help but imagine that at some point scenes like this play out with Hilary and Obama all the time. Whoah way too many politics here.
21. Look, I love Jack Bauer but I don't buy him as some cheesy lover? Are you thirssssty? You wannnnt some waaaaattter? Come on Jack you're better than that.
22. That cab driver really looks like Sharlto Copley, aka the legendary Vikus Van Merwe.
23. Jack Bauer is the most tragic figure in modern Television history. This loss of Renee Walker is heavy! Two silent countdowns in a row. Come on 24! You are making positively depressed.
24. The only solace I have in Jack's wounded soul is that he is going to go positively ape shit bananas medieval on everyone involved. Check out what I'm talking about here.

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