April 6, 2010

24 Points About 24: 6:00AM - 8:00AM

If Schuester Had Facial These Guys Could Be Related (Kind of)

1. Ahh. the episode opens with a sunrise. You know it's a little bittersweet considering this is the last day.
2. The pictures on the hall in the presidential command center are hilarious. We have photos of fighter jets, a giant screen running casualty figures on loops, and dual portrait of Goose and Maverick.
3. You know I can understand Hassan's reasonings for turning himself in. One life for a thousand, that's a tough thing to deal with. Whoah, getting real existential on us here, 24. Next thing you know we are going to have characters named Locke and Rousseau.
4. A bomb is about to go off in New York City and all of CTU is just sitting around waiting with awwww shucks looks on their faces.
5. I'm disappointed that Chloe is not fuming about the Jack and Renee romance that is the current to this entire season.
6. A fellow CTU agent points out that this 24 episode is especially pigeon heavy. Perhaps the 24 movie will be the long awaited Jack Bauer vs nature storyline. It will feature Jack and Kim taking on birds and cougars.
7. For the first time on 24, there is finally traffic in New York City. Apparently there is more traffic in New York City at 6:15AM then there is at 5PM.
8. President Taylor laying the smack down on Rob Weiss, next thing we get is the people's elbow? Note: The people's elbow is the coolest.
9. Alright all you 24 fans out there? Who do you hate more Agent Dana Walsh or Agent Hippe Janeane Garafalo from last season?
10. Along with a direct line to the President, Jack Bauer can also get into anybody's car in Manhattan and then drive away. Oh the perks of being THE GREATEST SECRET AGENT EVER! Yeah, I'm talking to you Bond and Bourne, stealing Jack's initials, thinking your all tough.
11. Damn Hasaan and Tarin are getting into it during this car ride. "You cared about the cover of TIME MAGAZINE!" Great stuff 24 writers.
12. Say what you want about Dana Walsh,  but the whole fake out with D Walsh going for the network wire kill on Arlo was damn suspenseful. Wow, I guess I'm an Arlo fan, when the hell did that happen?
13. What would Jack do without a nitro boost in his car. What is a nitro boost? Clearly you haven't seen "The Fast and the Furious", " 2 Fast 2 Furious," "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" "Fast and Furious", and the upcoming "Fast Five."
14. Jack Bauer gets cut off by a Honda Hybrid in the parking garage? How can green energy and hippies deter Jack Bauer? Is this some type of political message?
15. Pretty decent stunt with the car flying off the parking garage, but I have to subtract some points from the 24 writers because last season they had a car go flying out of a parking garage too.
16. A fellow CTU agent pointed out the woman who drove Hassan out of the parking structure looked a lot of Lady Gaga. Perhaps she can communicate on her telephone, yeah I'm sorry about that joke.
17. President Taylor knows not to trust some Ruskie who wants information about special operations. Hell Yeah! Wolverines! Wolverines!
18. CTU Director Hastings is up in his office texting away, I guess he's gotta keep those hos in line or check the status of his Shrimp business.
19. FPJ you had the best line of the season with your badass "Who are you? You lying bitch" but you're strange accent made it really hard to understand.
20. Alright alright so Jack got to confront Dana and it was slightly satisfying. But when it comes down to tough talking Jack, the highlight of this season was Jack telling the wanna be suicide bomber: "I'm going to take your Mother to the bomb site and expose her..."
21. Renne was totally aroused by the Jack manhandling Agent Walsh.
22. Hassan and the Samir Mehran (Who kind of looks like the Arab Will Schuester) do not only have competing belief systems, they have competing facial hair. On side evil we have the trimmed goatee, on side good we have the unkempt goatee. What's is going to be?
23. Everytime there is a scene in a hospital I always hope that Dr. House is going to show up for a quick cameo. That being said, while I like the show, I don't want those GLEE kids anywhere near 24.
24. Hassan's death is shocking and meaningful and that's a testament to the acting power of Anil Kapoor. Well done. Silent countdown. Great episode.

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