April 27, 2010

24 Points About 24: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

 Chloe, You're Such A Great Girl
1. I love how they've never explained just why exactly Jack knows how to fly helicopters. He's been flying them for seasons now. Perhaps in the much anticipated 24 prequel we will learn where he learned this invaluable information, my guess he learned it from the AIRWOLF (great link).
2. I really wanted Jack to land his helicopter on either the Baxter Building or the Ghostbuster's Tower. Both would have been cool, but instead we settle for a building with a five on it.
3. Thank God Jack has a hip leather jacket and a jack sack otherwise he wouldn't be able to blend in with the other super hip New Yorkers. A fellow CTU agent points out that if he only had a mustache and an Ipd with Animal Collective playing he would have been straight up transparent.
4. Never would have thought I would hear "President Allison Taylor" and "impeachment" in the same sentence, she's been such a beacon of truth, hope, justice, love, peace, equality, gender politics, and woman's fashion for almost two seasons.
5. Here's a little SAT analogy for you
Lost: 24
Ben Linus:Charles Logan

6. The whole justification of torture debate between Logan and President Taylor is well written, thought provoking, and very much rooted in last season's themes
7. Dammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn the 24 writers missed a golden opportunity by not having the private security firm be named Starkwood
8. Even though she's stabbing Jack in the back, it's thrilling to see Chloe totally in control.
9. Michael Madsen makes a welcome appearance on 24, but I can't help but wonder if his appearance is perhaps linked to some drunken gambling debt between him and Kiefer. "Alright Madsen you son of bitch, if you win this hand, I'll get you a part on season 8" Words Kiefer regrets every day.
10. "I need a com unit, two mp5s, an assault rifle and some other really cool shit," says Jack to Madsen, who's character by the way, is straight out of some direct to DVD schlock bin (another wild link).
11. Who are the 24 writers to make us feel bad for Dana Walsh as she gets hauled away? We hate this girl, she ruined 24, she's the reason its cancelled, she's the reason why Kiefer gets kicked out of strip clubs, well I don't know about that one, but you know what I mean.
12. Is Jack's techy friend looking at the Matrix go by? If that's true, is Jack Neo?
13. "Understand, Bauer is a highly skilled operative" says FPJ to his "men." Let me translate that for you non 24 fans out there "Jack Bauer is a killing machine and you guys are rookies are probably going to bite the dust like Agent Owens"
14. Why Ethan Kanin isn't President is beyond me, he bring the verbal barbs like a high school debate captain on some debataroids.
15. If the American TV landscape is totally dead in 24 years, Jack should return as a high level politician. At one point he should go see Ethan, who has now evolved into the most powerful man in Washington.
16. It cracks me and my fellow CTU agents up that Kayla Hassan gets all cheesy talking about peace agreements and violent people but doesn't mention the terrorist brah/psudo mastermind she was sleeping with earlier in the season.
17. When all else fails, Jack can hide behind trashbags and trucks.
18. That green sack is the JACK SACK on the juice! He's got a whole arsenal in there, can we expect a shootout on the scale of Commando?
19. Seeing Jack go into this sting operation, trusting Chloe,  is some of the most tense stuff that we've gotten all season.
20. Bauer's still got it! That decoy of the guy in the laundry bag, and then he takes Ken Jeong hostage, well played sir.
21. You want to know what happened to Cole's men? They got Bauered? Why has it taken that long for me to come up with that kind of lame verb, is beyond me.
22. I really want to think that all the bullshit with the evil indie rock bros, Dana, and small battle scenes with FPJ lead us to the moment where Jack and FPJ teamed up to fight for what is right, what is just, and what we deserve: a fitting and great finale to a show we care about! I also hope that Jack can protect FPJ from the Killer that knows what he did last summer.
23. Ethan Kanin and Charles Logan really getting after with old man verbal fisticuffs, honestly when is the Bauer and Ethan team up.
24. Damn this is some intense juxtaposition, the water boarding with the torture of Dana Walsh and the press conference It's crazy, I've waited the whole season for Dana Walsh to get what she deserved, but when it comes from someone else's hands that's not Jack, it doesn't feel right at all.

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