March 3, 2010

TPG's LOST Compass: Sundown

After the smoke (monster?) has cleared, I think people will recognize that while certainly one of the most exciting episodes of the season, "Sundown"'s thrills were measured in bloody action, not moving emotions. And while I love some great ass kicking, the emotions on LOST is what truly gets me. Now that we have cleared that out, let's get tackled by Sayid and submerge into the groovy other hot tub of this episode.

1. This episode was all about the smoke monster. After tormenting the Islanders and the viewers for seasons on end, this monster is really turning up the TMZ star power. However, you heard it here first, I'm not totally satisfied. I still have questions about the nature of the monster itself? In season 4 we saw it approach Juliet and Kate, flash a light in their face, and then retreat (check out that scene here). What is the significance of this and how does it relate to the story now. Is Kate of special importance? Is Juliet? How does it connect to the ultimate objective? Was it ever tamed? Is it the security system? All questions that I still want to be answered.
2. The "flash sideways" for Sayid contained four characters who had been on the Island. I believe that with each episode the "sideways" reality and the Island reality will continue to meld together. Now that we cleared up that theorizing, how about Kevin Durand who plays Keamy, what a great actor. Don't worry you can catch more of him on the big screen as Little John (no, not that Lil' Jon) in the new Russell Crowe Robin Hood flick.
3. SLIGHT MIND MELT: This is two episodes in a row that Miles was seen playing a game that is notorious for ending in a draw. Last week he was playing Tic Tac Toe and this week he's playing solitaire. Don't flip out folks, I know there is a rich history of games on Lost. Yet I believe these recent references is an updated allusion the battle between ol Smokey and Jacob, a game which has been played for a long time, but the two sides are locked in a tie, and it only ends once. Check out this legendary scene to grasp what I'm getting at.
4. Sayid is the most tragic character on LOST. Here is a guy who since his childhood has been committing violent acts in the name of love, family, and country. He's so selfless yet however these emotions allow him to be manipulated by everyone from his government, to Ben, and now evil Locke. Yet don't be surprised if redemption is still to come for him. I predict once he is presented with an opportunity to kill someone on team Jacob (his boy Jack or Hurley) he might not be so quick to pull the trigger.
5. FUN DIVERSION - Last summer I was at Comic Con waiting for the Lost Panel to begin. The good folks from the Official Lost Podcast came around asking for people's theories, I started talking theories, but in no time I had launched into a explanation on why Jack Bauer could best Sayid in combat. This explanation contained detailed reenactments of some of Sayid's best kills, including the legendary dishwasher death of season 5. By the end of it, I was a little sweaty, a small crowd had gathered, and I wasn't featured on the podcast.
5. I'll leave you with this. Is Dogen really dead? Sayid died the exact same way and he's still around to slice up the dude from Eastbound & Down's throat. Don't worry, the Last Samurai will rise again.

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