March 31, 2010

TPG's LOST Compass: The Package

Last night's episode entitled "The Package" was full of tantalizing hints of where the show is headed, welcome answers about the past, and another wonderful flash sideways story. So let's get going, and hopefully not run into a tree, because I don't think you all want me to start speaking Korean.

1. More than any other castaway, Jin really has a knack being a prisoner. First off, you could say he was a prisoner to Sun's father, aka he was forced to do his bidding. Then he crashes on the Island, where he is not rescued. But being stuck on a Island wasn't enough, he then got captured by the Others where he had to live in a pit for a little bit. After that he rejoins up with his homies, only to be left behind, get blown off the Kahana, only to fall in with Rousseau and her pals. Things are pretty groovy when he's with Dharma but once that bomb goes off, he gets captured by crazy Claire, and then if that aint enough, he's captured by Widmore. Damn Jin, what a rough ride.

2. The Smoked Out Locke mentioned that all the candidates have to leave the Island together. This is very similar to the season 5 theme that all of the Oceanic 6 must return to the Island together. Is it possible that the serendipitous connections of our castaways have a deeper meaning than pure coincidence. Perhaps them being together is some type of Captain Planet combined force that can save/destroy the Island.

3.  When Smoky Locke asked Widmore if he knew who he was, Widmore responded with "Only what I know about from myths, ghosts, and noises in the night!" Man, I may be too deep in this LOST game but what a loaded response. Myths - this show is rooted in heavy Egyptian mythology, it was taught in the Other's schools. Ghost - ask Miles about it, they are everywhere. And noises in the night - that clearly is the whispers, one of my favorite Lost mysteries.

4.  In last week's Compass, I talked about how Desmond was going to return to the Island to regulate Warren G style, and BOOM, guess who's back! I didn't foresee him being "the package" and as DJ Steve pointed out in the post lost talk, him being Widmore's captive would indicate that Widmore knew Desmond's purpose for a long long time. Is this the reason he didn't want Desmond to be with his sweet sweet Penny?

5. MIND MELT: Why is Desmond so important? Because he was the only one prior to the bomb who could exist in both times. See the best LOST episode ever "The Constant" for further explanation. Now, because Jughead was detonated, all the castaways are stuck in some time of permanent existence in both times. They all will need a constant to survive. What could this constant be? Maybe the Island itself, whoa I just melted my own mind. Speaking of melts, I had the best grilled cheese ever last night. The secret ingredient? Red onions.

6. I have to agree with the podcasters when they label new character Zoe as the Island's own Tina Fey. But on a serious note, what is her character's significance, and why is she a geo-physicist? My guess is that her knowledge of electro-magnetic energy pockets is somehow connected to Faraday's research, which Widmore financed. Perhaps she is the one who will re-allign the Flash sideways and the Island timelines. Whoah, that was a mini mind melt.

7. And the march toward the end continues with another great episode. I particularly enjoyed seeing Keamy and Omar again. These two are quite a duo, in fact if the Sawyer and Miles cop show spinoff ever gets made, I want these two guys to be the head bad guys for the first season. Hey, they make good eggs.

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