March 24, 2010

TPG's LOST Compass: Ab Aeterno

We've been waiting a very long time for some Richard Alpert answers and now we finally got them. But that wasn't the only thing that this episode gave us,  it was just as much a history lesson on the Island itself.  It provided some key details on the Island and what has/is/will continue to be going on there. So what do you say, we grab our old school wine decanter, take that metaphorical cork off and get drizzed on some deep Lost theorizing.

1. These days everyone is talking about answers and how they crave them like their some shipwrecked slave salivating for water. Well, we got them now and guess what, since the Lost creators are telling a story they didn't exactly write them on the chalkboard in simple terms. Hidden in this episode were some real quality respuestas. How did the statue crumble? It got hit by a tidal wave. How did the Black Rock end up in the jungle? Jacob brought it there in a big ass storm. Why doesn't Richard age? Because he requested it as a way to deal with his soul crushing anguish. What is the Island? It's a cork? Why should we care about the characters and the show if it looks like they are just some puzzle pieces in some cosmic scheme? Because they still have free will, focus on the variables not the constants here people.
2. So apparently the Island a cork that keeps all the evil in the world in check. The Island rests on top of the evil, so that would make the evil "Hell," now above Hell lies the earth, and above that Heaven. That would be put earth smack in the middle, and in the middle of heaven and hell lies, wait for it, purgatory. It's not the Island that's purgatory, it's the entire world that's purgatory. This is why the Island is so important, it's some type of ultimate testing ground for the human race in the great cosmic battle of good and evil.
3. MIND MELT: Richard learned the Island is a cork way back in the 1800's, but, things have changed since then. Did the bomb destroy the cork? Did the bomb shatter the bottle like the Man In Black did at the end of the episode? Was using the bomb the loophole?
4. DOUBLE MIND MELT WITH BACON: With all this talk about Heaven and Hell, and God's and Devils who is our man who is going to come back like a boss and regulate on this faith based matters? HEY BROTHAAAAAAAAA. That's right Desmond! Don't forget he was trained by monks, monks who had ties to THE OTHERS!!! The Island isn't done with him. Him being on the Island was "saving the world" aka keeping the evil at bay, the cork in place. He'll be back and then he'll shoot all the haters (yes that's you DJ STEVE) with a spear gun in the chest.
5. Sorry about that last post there folks, looks like I was getting a little drizzed myself on sweet Jacob's wine. But I must say, I really enjoyed last night's episode. Nestor Carbonell, who plays Richard really brought it hard on the acting front and fit was great to see Titus Welliver, who plays the Man In Black return to Lost. I know many people are jumping ship on LOST right now, but to all you folks out there, be like Richard and have a little faith*

**And if any of you wanna challenge that, post something in the comments.

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