March 19, 2010

The TPG Spelling Bee for Kids

By Jacob Perlin

After TPG makes it big as a Movie Star/Actor/Writer/Producer/Blogger in his film Billy Ray Justice and the Secret Lair of Zeus I assume that his terminology for things will become a part of the common vernacular and "dropped" on Scrabble boards and college essays everywhere. Basically the future entails Urban Dictionary and Websters Dictionary fusing into one dictionary. I have this beautiful mental picture of Tim running a spelling bee and asking the kid to spell the word "Legitness".

Here are a few of the terms that will be commonly associated with the following meanings in the future:

Drop: Always the truth, appropriate to ask for permission first, and the act of telling or doing something.

Used in a Sentence: Permission to "drop" some truth on you. Terminator 2 is by far the best of the franchise.

Legit: Taken from Urban Dictionary. A modern synonym for words such as "cool," "ill," "tight," or "dope." (All those words will be in Websters as well).

Used in a Sentence: That pie was so "legit" I'm going to snag another piece.

Yo Guy: The polite way to get someones attention.

Used in a Sentence: "Yo guy" pass that pie.

Combination of all the terms for extra points: Let me "drop" some truth on you. That pie is so "legit". "Yo guy" pass me a slice of that pie.

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  1. I dare yall to a scrabble off, let's see if these words can really win!