March 11, 2010

Jay Baruchel And The Simple Enjoyment of She's Out Of My League

It's a shame that Jay Baruchel name isn't featured on the poster for this flick because he's definitely the heart and soul of this enjoyable movie. And let's just be clear, this is an enjoyable movie if you are between the ages of 14-25. I don't think tons of people are doing a double feature with this and "The Last Station." Imagine if "Step Brothers" was a romantic comedy, and that's pretty much what this is.

Jay Baruchel plays Kirk, who if you believe the poster is a "5" who somehow ends up dating a babebraham lincoln named Molly. Wait, is the entire plot spelled out in that one sentence on the poster? Cause that's pretty convenient, I wish other movies did that. Either way, the film is funny in a crude bathroom humor type way, in fact one of the funniest scenes literally takes place in a bathroom.

The movie works well because it's full of recognizable comedic actors doing there part to make the audience laugh. So in order to make your life easier, I'll break down where you have seen each of the characters before.

Jay Baruchel - Tropic Thunder and Knocked Up

T.J. Miller- Cloverfield

Mike Vogel- Cloverfield, hold on is this some type of reunion?

Nate Torrence- Get Smart

This movie is not going to win awards, it's not destined to be some comedy classic, and it maybe, might become slightly quotable for about a month. For a raunchy comedy, it hits the right beats and delivers what it promises.

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