March 15, 2010

An Introduction

Good morning, folks. How was your weekend? Good? Great. We'll get to mine a bit later - it was a doozy.

I figured I should introduce myself. I'm Jay - I run Things That Happen, which is a fantastic haven of stupid videos, cool music and the occasional poetic waxing (which is like a Brazilian except with metaphors and shit.) TPG's sailing away for the week on a cruise with his family to parts unknown, and as he so boldly announced last week, he's asked a few fellow bloggers to step up and man the ThisLALife helm while he's gone.

It's kind of like that time that Bane broke Batman's back, and then Batman had all those other dudes fill in for him and accept the mantle of the Bat while he was on a cruise with his family. Or something like that, I dunno, I read that shit ages ago. You know, I'm like Nightwing, and Kyle Fitz is like Robin, and DJ Steve is like Azrael, and, um... Fuck you, don't get all high and mighty with me, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And fuck you too if you don't. What, you never read comics as a kid? Geez. Some people, amirite?

I'll open the forum this morning with some back story. I was lucky enough to know TPG in the life he had before this LA life -- he and I are from the same town back east - grew up together, went to high school together. In short: he's always been like this, cross my heart.

It's a bit of a busy day in the office today so I'm gonna let this post stand as my opener, but I'll be sure to toss some more content on here as the day goes on. Anyway, happy Monday, folks, hope your weekend was truly excellent and don't fret - we're all in this together.

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