March 17, 2010

A Book Review Less Snooty than the New York Times

A bit of a departure from the typical TV, film, music and general pop culture fare that brings you to THIS LA LIFE daily, but I get to take over the posting today and I'm doing a book review so deal with it.

EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH ME: A Memoir of an American Childhood Gone, Well, Wrong by Jason Mulgrew isn't only the book with the longest title I've read this year it's also the most side splittingly funny. The book is a spin-off, if you will, from his immensely popular blog, which has built a steady readership since its inception in 2005. This memoir deals with Mulgrew's early years growing up in South Philly and features roughly 250 pages of brand new material that's never been seen anywhere before.

His loyal readers are used to Mulgrew's sometimes unbelievable self deprecation and painfully honest stories surrounding his working-class upbringing and family dysfunction, but for a first time reader his writing feels unbelievably fresh and particularly hilarious. The narrative really soars when Mulgrew speaks of his chain smoking, hard edged, quasi-ex con father, who becomes a somewhat main character in the memoir. Weather you're looking for the more sophomoric jokes about his tiny Irish penis (he regularly compares it to an acorn), lack of sexual partners or booze filled nights trying to spot hookers or you're more interested in the David Sedaris-esque peek inside Jason's Irish Catholic background, you'll find yourself very satisfied with this light and quick read.

You can buy it here. Seriously, just buy it. It's cheap, it's short and, deep down, all Jason wants is to be liked... oh and a threesome. He really wants that too, so help him however you see fit.

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