March 25, 2010

Are You Enlisted In Otto's Army?

I spent four magical years of my life at Syracuse University. Considering my grammar and sentence structure is similar to a 5th grader this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I assure you that I did attend and learn when I was there. Syracuse has many stellar things about it, including to but not limited to the following: tremendous education, cheap pizza, cheaper beer, surprisingly nice fall weather, and a plethora of interesting and intelligent people.

Some of these interesting intelligent people have created an awesome website for all the Cuse folks out there. It's call Otto's Army, and I managed to actually do some real research and track down the creator who has this to say about the site:
One of the most unfortunate lessons learned in college is that one day you have to graduate, but that doesn't mean the Army has to disband.  For all the former and current SU foot soldiers, offers the some of latest insight into Syracuse sports, while bringing out your inner Otto.  Started by alumni from NYC, we have five featured columnists and a contributing staff on board that aim to inform and, once in a while, entertain.  To aide in your amusement, we have installed "Squeezing the Juice", an ongoing segment where we engage in some one-on-one banter with SU figures.  We were fortunate enough to sit down with Josh Pace (link) of the 2003 national championship team last week and will be featuring former SU basketball great John Wallace in our next segment.  So cruise on over, take a gander, and tell us what you think. And, as always, bleed orange...
The site is for all Syracuse Sports, not just basketball, but basketball is the go sport at the moment, how at the moment, try 4:07 EST at the moment. Go Cuse!

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