March 30, 2010

24 Points About 24: 5:00AM- 6:00AM

Luckiest/Unluckiest Terrorist Ever (See Point #23)
1. Jack has grade three level bruising and they are offering him painkillers. This is a man who used be addicted to Smack, and I aint talking about cereal here folks. And besides Bauer doesn't need painkillers
2. The success of the drones at CTU are just like this season of 24: completely inconsistent.
3. I love how Dana Walsh has a completely different "mole" voice than her real voice. When she wants to be a mole she just speaks real low. Her normal voice is high. I wonder what voice FPJ knows intimately.
4. "I can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan," yes, let's just make that clear, that line was written for the "next week on 24" bit last week.
5. President Taylor has Jack on call as some type of private mercenary, remember he's not an government employee. I wonder what type of other tasks the President has Jack do. "Jack it's the President, I need you to get some momentum going on my policies." "Sure thing, Ma'am, I'll be right there with the constitution"
6. You know a place is terrorist hide out when people are welding 24 hours a day.
7. I'm still a little perplexed why Jack has a wired headset on his ear and talks on the phone with the other ear. If he was real hardcore he'd have a bluetooth in the right ear, wired headset in the left, and iphone in the left pocket, and DROID in the right
8. The evil terrorist bossman has a damn nice goatee, I don't think it's real, just making the call now before it gets complicated.
9. Facts on the ground! Facts on the ground! Looking like a damn fine show with the facts on the ground! Alright, that joke is old and dated, but the scene where the higher ups are discussing turning over Hassan is the best scene of the season. Great mini debate in that chamber.
10. Yeah President Taylor, that was one hell of speech! A fellow CTU agent points out that she is finally taking a stand on something.
11. Was there ever any doubt if some doubt that some Washington power player was going to scheme on President's Taylor plan. No good logical political plan ever goes into motion in the 24 government without some weasel scheming to ruin it.
12. CTU has such a giant staff, but it seems like only Chloe, Arlo, and Dana are doing actual work. I guess the rest of them are playing Farmland, posting on Lost forums, and looking at pictures of chicks in bikinis (check out this video, you'll get the joke)
13. "Jack Bauer is not someone to be taken lightly!" you got that right. In this day alone, has already been electrocuted, stabbed, shot, spoken in foreign languages, and forced to watch cartoons with a toddler.
14. Ethan has probably the most un-clutch heart attack in the history of political heart attacks.
15. Rob, aka the dude that looks like Scott Brown, was portrayed as cunning earlier in the season, nevertheless I'm not buying his complete turn around to team evil.
16. How convenient that the tunnel Jack has move down to safety has conveniently located cover points.
17. You can put this Rob character on the short list of people Jack Bauer is going to destroy on his path of vengeance. Also on that list is Dana Walsh, who I really hope Bauer and Chloe get to double torture.
18. "Good luck" says Jack to the female secret service agent. What he means to say is "you're screwed lady."
19. Man this shootout is vintage 24. Loving this, and he's using smoke grenades, nice equipment choice Jack! Why couldn't you be this ruthless last week?
20. "Mr. President, take care of your family" as he tosses Hassan a piece. Coolest line of the season! Air Force One style!
21.  Man! I really wanted Hassan to say something like "You chose answer D, for death."
22. "I don't take orders from anyone except the President of the United States!" That's right Jack! Of course it seems like you generally like to follow your own rules most of the time, but I will give you that!
23. Damn Tarin has a tough life, one minute he's banging the smoking hot daughter of the President at the Four Seasons in Manhattan and the next he's a suicide bomber blowing up the Four Seasons in Manhattan.
24. Wow! What a great episode! We had a great shootout with Bauer straight up doing work on bad guys*, some meaty season seven white house politics, and great plot developments. And now next week is a TWO HOUR week, first one since the opener!

*I mean they were just an American special forces team, not sure if they were 100% bad guys.

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