March 23, 2010

24 Points About 24: 4:00 AM - 5:00AM

1. I don't know how CTU works, but they sure do have a lot of emergency lighting and also in groovy blue hues. Dare I say it's Jay Z blue in honor of the Empire State?
2. Bad guys in 24 love a couple things: facial hair, accents, and hanging out at docks. Honestly CTU should just monitor the docks at all the major cities. Oh what's that, a whole bunch of evil looking people driving in shady vans at 3AM by a dock, wonder if they're setting up a lemonade stand or trying to kill us.
3. The writers missed a golden opportunity by not magnetizing Kayla Hassan. It would hilarious if she turned into a giant magnet, kind of like Ernest in whatever movie Ernest gets magnetized, I mean they all blend together, except Ernest Saves Christmas, which is the truth.
4. The reason you have four bars and the call is going through is because you don't have SPRINT, which sponsors 24.
5. Any time Bauer gets to handle automatic weapons is a good time, but his accuracy is terrible, gotta use that Sleight Of Hand Pro perk Jack.
6. Only three Casualties after a CTU bomb, whoah they must be relieved, last time CTU got attacked, the body count was terrible (RIP Milo), and the time before that was even worse, so they got out pretty clean.
7. Chloe things Jack Bauer is in trouble, Jack Bauer doesn't get in trouble babe, trouble gets riddled full of bullets when it gets Jack Bauered.
8. FPJ is rocking some type of handheld 1999 video camera for night vision. It would be cooler if he had some of Wing Commander technology.
9. Somewhere in the universe there is a nerd smiling widely because they and only they understand all this technical jargon about trunk lines and servers, routers, cables, ITs, and sprinklers that Chloe O' Brien is talking about.
10. Renee is Jack's apartment sprinkling rose petals on the bed and setting up candles. She's gone domestic! Of course going domestic means grabbing guns out of purses. I mean Renee you are in the house of Bauer, guy probably has a weapon room hidden behind the large family portrait.
11. Bill Prady is from Arkansas, and he's clearly in love with Kevin Wade, which means that he's a gay southerner, which is similar to his character on True Blood. Yes! Next season Jack Bauer takes on the undead.
12. Jack Bauer is so damn soft these days, look I know times are different and mass killing and torture isn't the rage, but please don't make Jack all emotional in combat. Dude has killed over 300 people and now he's getting all sentimental over some SWAT team rookie who didn't follow orders.
13. This is not the first time Chloe has handled a weapon, in fact handling that little pistol is child's play for her. Don't believe me check out the pic on the right, and yes that's post kill.
14. Kayla Hassan will be alright until she realizes that exposure to the EMP has turned her into a giant blue bald man with a preference for walking around naked and being void of emotions (yeah that's the nerdiest 24 point ever).
15. I'm so sad that Hasting didn't have a good answer to the "Where do you find these people" question because that would explain a long history of terrible CTU Human Resource decisions.
16. Chloe is like a brilliant jazz pianist when she's got her hands on those wires.
17. Since when did Hasting value Dana Walsh's opinion, just an hour ago he was disciplining her like she was some hasty school girl now she's a judge of character. Come on Hastings, Chloe deserves more respect, woman is a the Alicia Keyes of hackers.
18. Last season Bauer took out 20 dudes at a dock in D.C, and now it takes him an entire episode to take out of couple of goons on NYC dock, I mean what is going on here?
19. When I saw that CTU code come back online on the screen, I really thought TRINITY was going to start recruiting Chloe in the fight against the machines. Yeah I said it, Chloe is the new Neo.
20. Renee Walker has more kills in this episode than Jack.
21. Seeing Jack Bauer in pain from bullets is confusing and makes me uncomfortable
22. I would like to be the first congratulate on FPJ for maintaining a consistent accent for the duration of an episode, well done FPJ.
23. Dana Walsh is a stone cold killer, but at least Bill Prady attempted to cop a feel before he died.
24. So the mole has been revealed and Dana Walsh joins a legendary pantheon of evil turncoats. Who is in the Pantheon? Of course Nina Meyers sits on the throne of greatest mole of all time, Queen of Mole people if you will. Who else is on the list, I'll let you decide.

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