March 15, 2010

24 Points about 24: 3:00AM - 4:00AM

1. Let me use this first point to thank my dear friend and fellow Agent Timothy Goessling for bestowing upon me this great honor to run guest point on the segment while he enjoys a little R&R with his family. Hopefully unlike most rookies in seasons past, I will once again live to see the enlightenment of another post.
2. Right off the bat, no rating for "Sexual Situations" this time around unlike in episodes past. Crespy just left.
3. Chloe pulling the classic "I-just-need-you-to-do-your-job-in-these-extreme-circumstances-that-I-just-repeated-again-for-exposition-sake" line to Arlo. Usually that's Jack's gig.
4. Again, still no bluetooth for Jack. Worth noting.
5. This ep's started off nicely. Well paced, a lot more action, a lot less talking.
6. What's the deal with these bulletproof vests? These budget cuts are even affecting CTU now I guess..
7. Uh oh. New level of bad guy has officially been introduced, pretty much on cue and according to 24 standards - close-up of mysterious upper-upper-level bad guy saying something cryptic; cut to unrelated activity said bad guy is doing (this time around, soldering).
8. Last week's preview said something crazy was going to happen in the first 15 minutes. If something happened, I missed it.
9. Bad guy bro finally gets a name: Nick Caughlin. From Southy brah?
10. Another broadcasted terrorist hostage video. This time via ChatRoulette?
11. The CLASSIC 24 trade-off re-introduced: National Security vs. the Life of a Loved One.
12. 100GB thumb drive? Is this guy serious? Yes. It's parked out front on the heli-pad.

13. Great getaway scene. Tarin dies a redeemed man. He chose the Loved One over The Cause.
14. Kayla initially described the room she was in as "dark and empty." If this were Season 6, Jack would have reflected, in an emo response: "Just like my soul."
15. Almost done with this ep, but where's our beloved Renee Walker?
16. Bad guys aren't running from the scene of a crime. Something's up. They've been playing chess this whole time to CTU's checkers.
17. Hastings celebrates the teams good work. A bit premature, if you ask. Once again showing his lack of experience and (more importantly) lack of understanding of rudimentary 24 plot points.
18. Dana Walsh again putting a damper on an otherwise awesome episode (can't be a 24 points without a little Dana Walsh bashing).
19. Whoa. There. Guy. Huge twist. Now we're talking 24 Status. Tarin NOT dead. Once again, bad guys playin chess. Hastings playing checkers.
20. Terrorists are headed over the Williamsburg Bridge, Chloe just said. Just on their way to a Hunters and Runners show for a little R&R.
21. Once again, CTU is attacked, but for the first time since Season 5 with the Sentox nerve gas. RIP Edgar. The most undeserved death in 24 history.
22. Next question: which semi-important-yet-disposable character-that-holds-crucial-information will be found almost dead under the rubble?
23. Indian. Jason. Schwartzman.
24. That is all for tonight. Again, a big Thank You to ThisLALife founder Timothy Goessling and the rest of my CTU Agents.

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  1. 100 Gig Thumb Drive?! I Need 1 Of Those, Stat! Tho Parking It May Be A Little Tough Here...