March 1, 2010

24 Points About 24: 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM

In honor of Indian Jason Schwartzman dying in the episode please listen to this song from Coconut Records.
1. This is the first point  before the actual hour starts, but I noticed that this 24 was TV 14 was violence and wait for it, sexual situations? Come on 24, what is this Desperate Housewives, keep this sex business out of 24! This is about espionage and body counts not passion and Marvin Gaye!
2. FPJ! FPJ! Dude is already talking about hiding bodies, stripping the van, taking the vow of silence with his lovers. What is this Freddie? Wait, I know what this is? This is I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER! No matter what he can't escape this plot line. I wonder if a shady fisherman with a hook was watching them hide that body.
3. Tim Woods is the new Aaron Pierce.
4. Only on 24 do people hang up phones with the authority, candor, and malice that Hasting and the Scott Brown clone at the White do.
5. If Indian Jason Schwartzman dies, these points are going to suffer. He is the life force of the 24 points, the essence.
6.  Last time someone broke out of handcuffs in the bag of car on 24, legendary Kung Fu Master and Bauer lover Miguel ended up legless.
7.  Chances are if you are saying "I Love You" on 24 and you are not talking to Jack Bauer you are probably going to die.
8. Indian Jason Schwartzman can't die, he hasn't even seen the new ultra hip Vampire Weekend music video with Jake Gyllenhaal and Lil Jon.
9. Seeing all these random SWAT dudes reminds me of the good old days when Jin from Lost was on 24.
10. If there is one thing Jack Bauer hates, it's files that download slowly especially when people are dying.
11. The return of Tim is noteworthy not only because he gets the center screen but also the dude on his left is from Avatar.
12. Composer Sean Callery really does great work on 24. Here is a link to buy some of his music on Amazon, that's not an ad, that's just me giving credit.
13. This whole "Weekend at Bernies Meets Grey's Anatomy" plot about the Farhad in the hospital is actually pretty great writing. Way to go writers now wrap up this stupid Dana Walsh FPJ storyline right away.
14. Marcos the American born Islamic extremist, good twist, however they should have picked a better actor. This dude looks like a low rate Robert Pattinson which is weird cause they said he's American, not a British vampire.
15. My fellow CTU Agents and I are all in mutual agreement as a team, Cherry Jones won an Emmy for 24 and all she does in this season is ask questions about the situation.
16. If there ever was a time for there to be a 24-House cross over this scene in the hospital would be it.
17. Now I know there have been suicide bombers since Season 5, but Season 5 was the last time that  Bauer ended up detonating some dudes vest from his cell phone. Talk about good coverage.
18. "When this is over, I want to be there for you," says Bauer to Walker. Come on Bauer you know every single woman you get close is seriously endangered. That being said, the line about having a CTU agent take you to Bauer's apartment is pimp.
19. This Marcos dude is terrifying! I spoke to soon about him, I'm sorry Marcos, please don't blow me up.
20. Nice job 24, you've managed to combine a dysfunctional marriage subplot with forbidden romance with a side of international Islamic politics. Spicy!
21. Chloe has no problem remotely defusing the vest, she did it in season 5.
22. This rookie is doing a great job on the acting front but he seriously looks like he managed to lie his way into CTU. I mean he looks like he is 16 years old. Then again if Dana Walsh can get a job at CTU, I wouldn't be surprised if they have Modern Warfare playing 8 year olds flying drones.
23. When that dude jumped out of that window and Jack looked down at him, for one my moment my seventh grade mind took over and I wished that Jack did a Swanton Bomb from the window right onto that dude's face.
24. Best ending of the season so far! Marcos! So creepy!

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