February 24, 2010

TPG's LOST Compass: The Lighthouse

Good Thing Hurley Has "Wide" Arms

Last night's episode of "Lost" simply titled the "The Lighthouse" was encouraging and frustrating at the same time. It was encouraging because it showed how the much hated Temple others connect with the big picture story-line and yet it was frustrating because there were no real definitive answers given, just more hints. So let's grab our old school pirate telescope and smash this episode to pieces.

1. Say what you want about the "flash sideways" story of Jack and his son, but I found this to be a great little moving vignette about Jack. Granted, I have no idea how it fits into the greater mystery, but I guess I'm just going to have to be a man of faith and trust the writers. Jack Shephard and his son was a great counter episode to the classic daddy drama episode "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" from season 1.
2. Last week we saw the names on the ceiling of the cave, now we have the names of the wheel at the lighthouse. I believe that last week's cave was good ol Smokey's abode and this week's ocean front real estate Lighthouse was Jacob's. By the way, how chill is Jacob? Yeah go to my spot, kick down the door, break all my antique furniture, it's ok man, oh yeah brah you have ink on your head! I wish my friends and family were as relaxed as him.
3. SLIGHT MIND BENDER- The significance of marking 108 on the lighthouse wheel cannot be understated. Let me remind all you Lost disciples out there that 108 is the sum of the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) so whatever at that mark is important. By way the way those reflections in the mirror are really interesting.
4. The whole Claire and " not John Locke" thing is really bugging with my mind, but not for reasons you might think. Locke and Claire have an interesting relationship to say the least; he built Aaron's crib, he helped her in time of need, you know what I mean. Way back in season one in the episode "Raised by Another" (or should it be called "Raised By An Other?") Claire in a bizarre dream sequence finds Locke in the jungle with one white eye and one black eye. I can't help but think this clue is important. How? Check out the next point.
5. Last week we saw "Locke" flip out when he saw the boy with bloody hands in the jungle. The boy reminded him of the rules and told him that he can't kill him (not the boy himself, but some other lost figure). Is it possible that this boy is Aaron? Does Aaron have some real deep significance to the Island? Is he the one that brings balance to the force? Is he the new Jacob? Is he the new Locke? The new Frogurt? Whoa, think i just blew my own mind a little bit.
6. That's it for now. I'll leave you guys with this beautiful shot from Last night's episode.

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  1. True or false... Aaron is the only child born on the island since the Incident?