February 26, 2010

Locke & Ben To Team Up When Lost Ends? (Seriously)

How fitting that I wrote about "The Crazies" today because this news is super crazy. Apparently Terry O' Quinn is shopping an outline or "Bible" in TV speak of a new show where him and Michael Emerson (yes, him, aka Ben Linus) play suburban hitmen juggling family issues and um I guess killing people.

Terry O’Quinn, who plays Locke/Smoke Monster, tells me he is shopping around a bible for a TNT-type show that would pair him back up with his real-life chum and on-screen foe, Michael Emerson (Ben) - as suburban hit men juggling family issues. 
Ben and Locke together on one team? Are they married to each other? Who plays their wives? Juliet and Helen? Are Walt (what's up Eli) and Aaron their sons? Do they have a goofy neighbor named Jacob who has a penchant for numbers and stealing their newspaper?

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