February 1, 2010

24 Points About 24: 9:00-10:00PM

 Yeah, brah, thanks for letting me crash here brah!
1. 5 Seconds and Jack is already out of the car, says multiple buddies who watch with me, looks like one of the writers is not a fan of automobiles, this is a good thing.
2. It is very comforting that in a world of bluetooth headsets, Jack Bauer still holds the phone to his ear. This is a metaphor for Bauer's dependency on the system and his difficulty living a normal life.
3. The high five indie rock Tony Montana bros gave each other when they found out about the Russian drug money was one of the lowest points in 24 history. It was like they were congratulating each other of getting a leak of the new Arcade Fire album mon.
4. Glad to know that even Russian gangsters have a conscience when it comes to Nuclear weapons, I mean selling AK-47's, no problem, but nukes, hey, I gotta think about that.
5. With each episode the amount of eyeliner that Renee Walker increases by the hour, by the end she will she will look like some type of demonic clown.
6.  No patient name on the test results, watch out nurse, looks like you're going to be the one that takes the blame when that internal review comes around. And what an internal review that is going to be when the the Doctor who ordered the test got iced.
7.  I never would have thought have I would have been excited to hear that FPJ spent some time in Falujah. Great character.
8.  Ever notice how all the guns Jack uses this season all originate from nice form fitting Styrofoam cases, that actually were probably manufactured by Jonas Hodges at the Starkwood company.
9.  All this talk about getting drunk and making bad decisions sounds very like a usual night on the town with Kiefer Sutherland. One drink here, one more drink, then next thing you know your head butting gay dudes and tackling Christmas trees.
10. It's sad that this season's plot involving President Taylor is the most boring ass presidential plot in the history of 24. That being said it is the most realistic presidential plot line on 24.
11. Oh damn, Hassan is turning into a paranoid mess, is it possible that the 24 writers are using his character as a metaphor for the rise toward fundalmentism and extremisin the Middle East?
12. His name is Arlos Glass, clearly related to Ira Glass star of This American Life on NPR, who is the spiritual and emotional jedi father to www.thislalife.com
13. Chloe's ass. WTF?
14. Looks like the shady indie rock Tony Montana brahs drive a hipster van. I smell a subplot season involving them using the money to start an Indie  band made up of 135 bearded men who drink PBR and watch "Pete and Pete" reruns.
15. Agent Walker has some nice tan lines, perhaps she was fortunate enough to log some time on the beach in a bikini in her prior mission.
16. "There is no other way," says Renee Walker. And let's just be clear this is one of the most interesting and inventive storylines ever on 24. Usually the people Jack gets to go undercover don't last for an episode and if they do they end up going nuts and killing a valuable source of information.
17. The British Primer Minister is really confused about his drinking buddy from the Middle East getting hauled off. "Goood Day Sir? Are we missing tea time"
18. Fact Check: Radiation poisoning is transferable-check here for the answer.
19. The kill count for innocent people this season is da Nooo Yawk City Cawp, his wife, and the docta.
20. Bauer with glasses! Grew up traveling with his father! Speaking German! Smoking Cigs! Why has he not been doing these things in prior seasons?
21. Assuming that all events take place in real time, the Russian mobster dude lasted about 2.2 minutes with Renee Walker, I'm not sure if he should be proud of that or not.
22.  Renee Walker is wearing the exact same hair style, outfit, and attidute of Sarah Connor from the deceased Fox series: Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Coincidence or will Sky Net be introduced this season.
23. FPJ with the Scooby Doo Sniper Rifle coming through in the clutch! And he did it alone!
24. Other seasons used to just let it rip right from the start and then put together the pieces for the 20 episodes after. This season is a gradually heating up, let's just hope the payoff is worth it.


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    you got posts to catch up on dawg

  2. I believe the body count is higher than you indicated - what about the dead nurse and dead man at the front door of the doc's office. They should be added to the body count, plus the brother with radiation poisoning - I thought it was a high count for one show. Love, Mom

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