February 22, 2010

24 Points About 24: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

1.  So at the start of the season Bauer was all over the bluetooth and now he's switched to an old school wired headset. What's the deal Bauer? Bluetooth drop it's sponsorship after too consecutive violent episodes. Maybe Jack pull a Tiger Woods and find Buddhism as a way out?
2. After icing that Russian dude, the Indian Jason Schwartzman made a sweet mix tape with Grizzly Bear, DeerTick, Deerhoof, and Band of Horses all on it. He has a thing for animal based indie rock bands.
3. Chloe asks Jack if he's ok after the torture sesh? What kind of rookie ass question is that? This is the 8th year of Jack's life, torture for him is as routine as getting together with Tony Almeida for USC football games.
4. Wouldn't be a White House in 24 with some shady slippery bro coniving behind the scenes.
5.  If there is one thing that FPJ hates, it's nosy geeks from CTU named Arlo. I mean FPJ hates nerds, we learned that in "Freddie."
6.  Say what you want about these indie rock bros but there is a certain charm in a bunch of guys who woo girls out of club and into a shady kidnap van.
7. Agent Walker has gone from looking like some hot ass Megan Fox babe to some type of freckled cute housewife.
8. I'm ashamed and saddened that I didn't comment on Indian Jason Schwartzman's soul patch. This is clearly a nod to legendary soul patch wearer Tony Almeada (http://www.almeidaisgod.com/).
9. Finally a real terrorist threat for 24. However this is whole scene of the Arab's talking about "making them fear us" and "toppling an giant with a stone" completely reinforces Arab stereotypes, then again this entire show enforces stereotypes of everyone.
10. This investigator who interrogates 24 is a spiritual successor the legendary Sherry Palmer, the high queen evil bitch priestess of 24. To this day she is the greatest woman ever on the show and I mean that as a compliment.
11. At this point in the season Jack's only motivation has to be that he is deeply in love with Renee Walker and feels the need to protect her. I don't have a problem with this as long as the writers craft a good moving story around it.
12. Jack Bauer has taken down over 300 people, yet two cowardly CTU security folks can take him down with a taser?
13. The Indian Schwartzman had to get out of there to go find Fluffy.
14. "So this is the new CTU, where you hang your own?" says Jack Bauer. Ummmm, as opposed to the old CTU where you take your boss out to the train yard and shoot him in the back of the head.
15. Director Hasting's office at CTU is like the VIP of the coolest club in Manhattan, nice leather couches, big glass windows, techo displays, you know.
16. FPJ's accent has changed over 4,815,162,342 times in this episode.
17. "My name isn't Dana Walsh......It's John Locke......"
18. These  Arab commandos are so amateur,  who doesn't silence their cell phone when on a mission.
19. CTU has all these drones but they never are useful for anything besides spying on  Dana Walsh.
20. Jack Bauer can't say no to a mission. This is a cold hard fact of 24. I mean the dude volunteered to fly a nuke into the desert.
21. If there is one thing that FPJ hates it's hippie indie rock bros living in a van....down by the river.....smoking drugs....who call him Soldier Boy.........telll.......em
22. The bearded bro is so pissed the non bearded bro took the deal without consulting him. I mean this guy needs to learn what is really matters.;Having a sweet beard, girls, and money.
23. Haven't seen Freddie Prince Jr use a shotgun like that since Summer Catch. So glad this terrible plot line has come to a close.
24. I don't like to use a point on the previews for next week but the fact that TIM makes an appearance next week gets me real excited.

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