February 15, 2010

24 Points About 24: 11:00-12:00

Jack's favorite way to kill Russians: Foot Based Neck Snap

1. Oh man, the super bros are "celebrating their score" in Jersey City.  Hopefully "The Situation" will join them for one of the most epic TV crossovers ever.
2. Jenny's boyfriend friend/partner in crime/professional power bros sounds like Kenny Powers.
3. The evil indie rock bro is Southern, I guess this means he's Jim James from My Morning Jacket.
4. I really thought that it would be impossible to top the insanely annoying level of Jeanane Garafolo from last season, but Jenny is just about there.
5. These terrorists or "Russianists" think that punching Jack Bauer is going to bother him? When Jack Bauer takes a punch, to him it feels like a angel whispering on his face.
6. For someone from cold ass Russia, the head Russian honcho has got some  really nice soviet tan going on. See this tan on the left.
7. I never would have thought that the shady boyfriend indie rock bumbling criminal idiots would have more screen time than the President.
8. This guy seems to think he can get answers out of Bauer in hours. Jack Bauer's entire life is a dark kind of deep psychological torture. His wife Teri was killed by his lover Nina, his friend and partner Tony turned into a terrorist, and his best friend in the world is a bumbling awkward computer nerd named Chloe.
9. You wanna talk about real villians, let's talk about the 24 writers, dangling the termination of the lamest storyline in 24 history in front of our faces, and then not doing it. Jenny could have saved us by telling FPJ the truth but then nope, the stupid story line continues, now with Jenny as Rambo
10. The Jack Bauer footkill that was delivered to the electro villain has now taken the place as the best Jack Bauer foot kill since season 5's death of legendary Russian terrorist Bierko.
11. When your head of state father has already shown what he does to people who cross him, why the hell would you spill the beans about your love for someone in his cabinet? The President's daughter need to take a page from the Palmer handbook.
12. All my fellow 24 CTU agents are in agreemenent that the best part of the season so far is President Hassan spiraling out of control with his paranoid delusions.
13. If Bauer had a Sprint cell phone he wouldn't have had to kill that dude for a phone with service.
14. Having Bauer take out the lights reminds me of the scene in Batman Begins where Batman stalks the goons at the docks. WHERE ARE YOU?........"Heyah"
15. The music during this episode is great, give it up for 24 composer Sean Callery.
16. In a very strange homage to Die Hard, our hero goes shoeless (a fellow CTU agent pointed this out while watching) but then also evades gunfire by crawling underneath tables only to bust out at the last minute for an epic takedown. It's a shame that Bauer didn't drop a one liner on us like good ol Bruce Willis.
17. It is highly possible that this could be the season where the villian is not drastically switched at the half way point. So far we are about a quarter of the way through and we've gone through two villians. I like to think the big villain is actually Hassan and we've been witnessing his transform to the big baddie over the course of the season. Give it a couple of episodes and Jack will be kicking the doors down of the UN.
18. I wonder if there are any Government Agents in real life that can get President Obama on the line at any time?
19. Arlo is the shadiest guy in CTU, just sending his drone around New York City spying on chicks making out with their old lovers.
20. Someone on that CTU assault team FPJ rolled out to is going to bite a bullet. It's either the old wide bald headed sage, the silver fox asian dude, or the young rookie that doesn't know how put his vest. My bet is on the rookie.
21. Just like Bauer, when the entire swat team rolls into somewhere, FPJ doesn't bother to take a big rifle, just a small little pistol, get your Call of Duty Modern Warfare armory game up.
22. Gotta admit, the hanging pendant on the stolen rods was a poetic touch.
23. Harping on old jokes is lame, but boy, Farhaad really really looks like the Indian Jason Schwartzman.
24. Now I don't want to speak to soon but so far this season is breaking the "even number season curse*."

* Historically, the odd number seasons of 24 are the best.

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