February 8, 2010

24 Points About 24: 10:00-11:00PM

 Oh hey buddy!
1. I have no idea why President Taylor has such loose lips, especially to those un-trustworthy Lobster back red coats
2. The episode was great but it would have been a whole lot cooler if Jack kept those glasses on the whole time.
3. How many different blue tooth frequencies are in play at any one time in CTU, every one has got one , don't the signals every get crossed?
4. The only good thing to come from the terrible terrible Dana Walsh story line is some great cross editing between locations, different camera types, and creative camera placements.
5. These two indie rock brah wanna be bank robbers are bunch of Abbot and Costellos, mixing up the numbers 3801? "Mann it's too many numbers."<----Actual line.
6. Are all the evidence depots so easy to infiltrate? If so I'm raiding the video game, action figure, and DVDs depot of evidence.
7. Russian Gangsters love alcohol and bread. This is the first time that the words "Cut me some bread" have ever been  uttered on 24.
8. Pacifico beer makes it's first appearance in 24 this season!
9. Somewhere in this sprawling Russian club/disco/nightclub/penny arcade, Hassan's Jason Schwartzman's brother is still crying in his hands while surrounded by prositutes.
10. After all these years getting owned by CTU, you think the terrorists would learn to not say certain buzz words like "nuclear fuel rods" and "dangerous materials" while on the phone. I mean step your code word came up, I hear you are selling "pixie sticks" with "extra sugar," you know things like that.
11. Good to see the 18 wheelers with the uranium cruising on the Brooklyn bridge, in case you didn't know THIS SEASON TAKES PLACE IN NEW YORK CITY!
12. Hassan rocking those hipster shades in the office, yet once the phone rings they come off, what was he doing listening to some deeeep A.R. Rahman tracks (Sick Indian Techno Track Right There)?
13. The transformation of Hassan from sympathetic leaeder to extremist leader is the best plotline of the season.
14.  I've been watching this show for a long time, and I never would have thought I have seen a water pistol gag. It's almost as if the writers know that this plotline is terrible and know they are just getting all meta and messing with us..
15. The very fact that 24 has well written sympathetic Arab characters is a great example of how the show has adapted to the geo-politic climate. Four years ago any Arab character on 24 would been scheming and plotting, with a new scheme each hour, yes I'm talking about your Marwan
16. Renee Walker getting her Benjamin Linus on an stabbing the shit out the abusive Russian.
17. Does Renee Walker think that knives can hurt Jack? Clearly she knows, like all 24 viewers that Jack cannot be hurt by knives, bullets, bombs, arrows, lasers, photon cannons, plasmids, siege towers, X Wings, and also Nazgul.
18. Jack pulls a knife out of his chest, Olympic tosses it into  Goatee dude's throat, then shoots the bro hiding behind a wall, yes ladies and gentleman, this is how you top an episode two axe kill.
19. .0000001 percent of me hopes that the rest of the episodes of this season are a large New York broadway musical style (CLASSIC VIDEO) epic romance between Jack and Renee.
20. I just realized we are seven hours in and no one has been tossed off a sky scraper. This needs to change soon.
21. Great shot from inside the closet with the dude approaching.
22. Just a bunch of bros with some stolen cash, some stolen drugs, and some stolen water pistols cruising in New York drinking a driving. Such a great message for the kids: find a smart girl who may or may not go on to work at a government agency, show up six years later, and then bribe her to get what you want.
23. I hoped with all my soul that Dubaku was alive and living in the sewers.
24. I don't like to comment on previews, but looks like we are going to get our obligatory Jack gets tortured episode which of course leads to Jack getting sweet vengeance on the torturer in the later hours of the episode next week.

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