January 15, 2010

Terrible News: Piranha 3D Delayed And May Not Be In 3D

"Piranha 3D" is the anti-Avatar, or should I say, the opposite of Avatar. The 3D in "Piranha" involves giant mutant fish with razor sharp teeth eating smoking hot babes in bikinis. For all my female readers, I'm sure that there will be many handsome men getting chomped too. Either way, it sounds like the ultimate crowd movie, in fact I'm pretty sure that if you don't see it at midnight the day it opens, don't even bother.

But today disaster bites back, The Weinstein Company announced the toothy spectacular is coming out in August, not April. The said they don't want to compete against comic book adaptation "Kick Ass," but there is rampant blogger speculation that something is wrong with the film. And why I say wrong, I don't mean there isn't enough fish, I mean that it might not even end up being in 3D!

What is the point of making a bloody fish movie if it isn't in 3D? If I wanted to see fish in 2D, I would watch this video (MUST WATCH). Come on now Fish! Get your 3D game up.

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