January 18, 2010

24 Points About 24: 6:00-8:00PM

1. I'm calling it now, this blonde tech girl at CTU with the shady past is the new Jeanine Garafalo, aka the  bane of 24 fans existence last season.
2. Doug Hutchison, the actor who plays the bad guy with the vague misplaced Euro accent, also played a similar character in "Punisher: War Zone," a film where the protagonist doesn't speak for the first 35 minutes.
3. It would have been cooler if Jack had proved his cred to the "basketball players with information" by beating them in a quick game of 21, and not just offering his money and flashing his piece.
4. Why the hell is 24 wasting our time with jean jacket rocking ex boyfriends when he could be watching Jack Bauer destroy terrorist stooges?

5. Freddie Prinze Jr. is holding it down on this show, can't say I'm not surprised, after all good ol FPJ had it on lock down in "Wing Commander"
6. The director of CTU is one of the most interesting characters on the show. He's smart and acts on his convictions, but he's also flawed, which makes him more human. (Note, he's Bubba from Forrest Gump).
7. I love how when you come back from the commercial break they just show the New York City skyline just so we know that this season of 24 TAKES PLACE IN NEW YORK CITY!!
8. What the hell did Omar Hassan do to the Indian Jason Schwatzman during their childhood to make him so mad he'd betray him to die a fiery death by New York City exploding manhole.
9. I'm so surprised that 24 has not thought of the bomb in the manhole cover before, well done, 24 creative kill master minds, you've outdone yourself, and you even had an axe kill yesterday.
10. The other bodyguard in Hassan's entourage is the Indian Nicky Katt, and I'm pretty sure that 23.5% of my readers know who Nicky Katt is.
11. Freddie Prinze Jr grew some monster balls between this season of She's All That and 24. "I'm in the southwest corner of the building pursuing the assassin....he's with me now." Damn boyee, joining that Jack Bauer wanna be club, it's a dangerous spot, let's hope you can survive the season.
12. The Russians are the bad guys, looks like these people have been watching "Red Dawn" too much and logging way too many hours playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 single player.
13. Chloe waits anxiously for Jack to return from the mission. Talk about a girl who is permanently stuck in "friend zone" with the man of her dreams.
14. You want access to exclusive content on the SPRINT network, quickly abandon your current cell phone provider who provides solid coverage, join sprint, who I'm sure has a whack coverage map, and then, and only then can you get 24 content. 
15. Agent Renee Walker has gone full Eastern Promises on us, it's all in her eyes, they speak of wild things.
16. Also looks like Renee Walker been hitting some of that Jack Bauer season 3 heroin.
17. The acting chops of Annie Wersching and Kiefer Sutherland during the scene where the suicide attempts come to the surface are a perfect example of how good the acting and writing CAN be on 24.

18. Jack Bauer going undercover as an arms dealer is like Tom Brady going undercover as a shortstop in the Red Sox training camp, I mean everyone in the world knows who he is, how can that work?
19. Nothing ruins up the food storage at an Russian nightclub like a  gangster dying of radioation poisining like he's George Mason.
20. Renee Walker and Jack Bauer cruising to an undercover operation and bickering in the car like two married lover with a history. "You don't trust me," "No, I do." What comes next, "How do you think Kim is handling marriage?"
21. This crazy ex-boyfriend with the goatee storyline is a waste of time, just like the fake pregnancy on Glee, ahhh, I knew this moment where Glee and 24 meet in my mind would come eventually.
22. It would be hilarious if the ex boyfriend just stayed in the apartment for the entire remaining 20 hours calling sporadically and throwing pictures around. During the finale you cut to the apartment and the dude is just asleep and everything in the apartment is broken.
23. Look, I know I have some female readers, but I gotta say it, former FBI agent current russian undercover junkie Renee Walker is looking sizzling! Damnnnnn!
24.  Dude just got his hand sawed off, yeah, I'm hooked.

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