January 18, 2010

24 Points About 24: 4:00-6:00PM

1. Right out the gate with the New York City crack heads, holding nothing back here FOX, I guess that's how you establish that the location is New York City, fill it with crack heads.

2. The dude in the red sweatshirt looks like Jake Busey's son, aka Son of Busey, aka the guy from Contact who destroys the alien portal machine.
3. Where in New York City is so  little traffic that cars can just do spins in the street without any problems.
4. Jack's granddaughter has a polar bear stuffed animal and is watching a show about Polar Bears, which is clear nod to Lost, oh man, cue the cross over.
5. Kim Bauer's fiance, aka Steven, looks exactly like Theo Epstein, I have no idea how such a pansy looking dude can "remind" Kim of her avenging badass father.
6. And now I learn that this dude is on The Vampire Diaries on the CW, does that mean that there is going to be vampires this season. Jack Bauer Vampire slayer, I smell a spinoff series/movie/franchise.
7. Glad to see Ethan back in the saddle, even if he needs pills to keep going.
8. Uh Oh, the Omar Hassan leader has a brother, in in 24 standards, that means the lil bro will be president soon, let's give it four to five episodes.
9. The president's brother is the Indian Jason Schwartzman.
10. The scene where President Omar and his brother debate the Middle Eastern Politics of recklessness is a reminder of how good the acting on 24 can be.
11. How a bloody latino dude bleeding everywhere can walk into a swanky Manhattan apartment building that looks straight out of Gossip Girl is a big mystery.
12. I wonder if those giant screens at CTU are ever used for watching American Idol. I mean those things are so huge they belong in Dallas Cowboys stadium.
13. Aeiral Spy Drones in New York City, if that is even remotely real, it's pretty scary
14. If it wasn't enough with the polar bears, now Dharma Initiative member Horace Goodspeed has left the Island and become a terrorist, and somewhere in the journey, gained a new accent and hair cut.
15. This Chief Of Staff for President Taylor really throws his weight around "Hassan is a big boy," "I'm going to Choke out the Press" with a name like Rob, you think he last name was Damage. Rob, Rob Damage, professional chief of staff. By the way, the guy looks like Scott Brown.
16. There can't strong leader on 24 from any country without a totally disfunctionable family standing behind them.
17. When you open the season with an axe kill to the chest, which immediately becomes one of the top 10 kills of 24 ever WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GO FROM HERE?
18. The Nerdy Drone guy who is named Arlo is the spiritual succesfor to legendary CTU nerd drone guy Milo Pressman.
19. I'm digging all this high tech stuff, facial recognition, bout time you showed up. Welcome to 24. You too computer tablets.And....you too full body scanners.  Next episode we should get project Natal.
20. Kim Bauer wants Jack to go with her, but she knows that Jack Bauer has a responsibility to protecting freedom, french kisses, italian ices, spanish moss in the moonlight, and all the good things that make up an American Saturday Night.
21. Took Jack an hour and 37 minutes to get back in the terrorist hunting game, that's longer than it took him in season 5, so when it takes him 20 minutes next season, don't be surprised

22. I really wish that Bauer got his hands on some of that Men In Black weaponery, I mean that armory room had everything except that badass Will Smith mini pistol that knocks you off your feet when you fire it.
23. Wouldn't be a season of 24 without a weak ass totally forced domestic subplot about one of the characters.
 24. So far things are off to a solid start. I like how they already have let us know who the man on the inside is, and even though CTU New York looks like a night club, the new characters are refreshing.

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