January 11, 2010


Yesterday was fellow blogger Jay Judah's birthday and after all the cake and pizza we decided to watch CHUCK. Everyone kept telling me that this show was going to be my jam, and after a while, I really started to believe it. There were promises of more nerd references than 1.5 minutes at Comic Con and laughs comparable to "Modern Family" or "Glee."

However upon watching, one thing and one thing alone was running through my mind. This show is not 24, it is nowhere near as dope as 24, it never will be, and Jack Bauer is the only real choice for the upcoming Captain America movie. If "super spy" Chuck really knew what he was doing and somehow ended up in a room with J. Bauer, he probably would last .0000000000000000000001 seconds. And here is my point of reference.

Also, get ready for the 24 Points About 24! They start one week from today. Tell your friends, family, and buddies in Bauer.

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