January 5, 2010

Decade Preview: Movies

There are 3652 days in the this decade. For all practical purposes I will be calling this decade "10," not 20-10 or 2010, just straight up 10! (Yes exclamation point is included). Here we go with the first of a series of previews for the decade.

The Avengers (And Avengers 2 potentially)
 This is the one that the nerds are waiting for. And don't worry, by the time this thing comes around in 2012, the entire global populace will be "nerds" so to speak. Of course, I'm assuming that all of the Marvel movies will be as good as "Iron Man." First comes Iron Man 2, then Thor, then Captain America, and then when people can't handle how face meltingly fresh these movies are, all of these characters will be on screen together kicking villain ass. My only worry is that I won't be able to "assemble" my mind after this flick.

Avatar 2, (And 2, 3)
Yeah, I could be still basking in the glow of amazing "Avatar" was, but then again, I don't think I'm alone in thinking I can't wait to return to Pandora. Talk about the sequel is becoming as precious as unobtanium and the reveal from producer Jon Landeau that the next chapter of Jake Sully and the blue men group (uh, I mean Na'Vi) could feature the inside of Pandora or other moons really set the heads spinning, let's hope to Eywa that the sequel is as good as the first.

Whatever Movie Neill Blomkamp Makes Next
Directed by Neill Blomkamp, this past summer's "District 9" was a ground breaking movie. It's  pseudo documentary style and earth pounding combat showed how fresh movies can be made on the cheap when talented techno genius directors are at the helm. Whatever movie Mr. Blomkamp decides to make next will no doubt be highly anticpated. He has said he doesn't want to make a big studio movie because he doesn't want to lose control of the film, but don't be surprised if he caves in and ends up directing some massive movie for a struggling studio looking for the next JJ Abrams.

The Dark Knight Sequel
The sequel to the Dark Knight is going to either be one of the greatest films of all time or one of the most massive disappointments ever in the history of the Universe. "The Dark Knight"  is an incredible movie and it's going to be difficult to top. Heath Ledger's Joker was so brilliant that any actor who takes the villain role in the sequel will have to have some serious undaunted courage. Right now it's not known if mastermind director Christopher Nolan will return to the franchise and the lack of talk regarding his return does not bode well. I personally believe that Nolan will return and he will shoot the Dark Knight sequel in 3D IMAX, and 3D IMAX alone. Of course I shutter to think what would happen to fanboys if this was true, because I fear their heads would explode upon seeing the first 3D footage at Comic Con.

There are many other movies that are in the pipeline that deserve to be mentioned, but don't get me excited enough to get full paragraphs. Steven Spielberg's long gestating bio-pic on Abraham Lincoln (with Liam Neeson as the prez) still excites me.  Guillermo Del Toro's two film adaptation of "The Hobbit" should also be mesmerizing. The "Star Trek" sequels probably won't suck either.

And yet, I'm sure some of the greatest movies of the next decade are just fragmented thoughts in the minds of filmakers, some whom the common man (even the non-common man, aka the fanboys and film junkies) haven't heard of. I'm excited about the new talent that the decade holds and how far the limits of cinema and storytelling will go in 10!

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