April 29, 2009

So Cute It Could be Evil?

There is no way that an animal this cute is this innocent. Let me break down what's really happening here.

1. When this animal gets wet, it morphs into an evil goblin with huge ears and a wicked sense of humour.
2. This alien creature will teach a low income family the meaning of love, but not after they thwart the evil government agent's nefarious plans for the fur-ball.
3. It will grow to a giant size, so big in fact, it will make Godzilla and the Cloverfield monster look like insects.
4. It will start to speak in a strange deep voice and reveal all the secrets of "Lost"
5. It will make the most battle tested warriors smile with Glee

April 27, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 20 (X-Men Edition)

1. If there was any doubt (you know just a tiny bit) that Tony was good, it was erased in the first 30 seconds when he iced those FBI agents like a baker.
2. We all know the real reason Tony went to that hotel room, he had to pick-up those Wolverine tickets for that midnight showing of "Wolverine." In fact, Tony was an X-man, he'd probably be a cooler version of Cyclops.
3. And how fitting that Tony's girl is a redhead, aka Phoenix.
4. You think cause you can get your GTA on in a civilian ambulance, you can take out Tony Almeada, just ask Moss, nobody messes with Tony, he clearly has reflexes from.....beyond.....the.....grave.
5. Tim, aka, the meanest, baddest motha "shut yo mouth" in the Whitehouse once again has got all the answers.
6. "How do I know he's going to talk?" I'm going to attach some electrodes to his nether regions, get my Tchaikovsky on, and start cracking some nuts.
7. Agent Pierce looks to be totally healed from his gunshot wounds.....very.....interesting.....perhaps he is Logan himself.
8. "We don't torture people in this administration," translation, we don't torture people in season 7.
9. Jonas Hodges will be on a hundred acre ranch in Colorado, listening to Phish and wearing Birkenstocks.
10.Why does the communications display of the people setting up this Al Jazerian guy, have a whole bunch of tomatoes, in a circle? What are they evil terrorist farmers?
11. A pal pointed out that Tony definetly took a shower with that dead dude sitting there.
12. Jeanane, every second you exist of 24 erases precious memories of old school 24 characters, and that bothers me.
13. This whole thing about Jonas Hodges talking to himself and the camera and begging for fire-arms is creepy.
14. For a second when Jack was talking to Jonas Hodges in the hospital bed, he reminded me of Dr. House and then Jack said something about the truth, I thought he was going to say something "Lie to Me."
15. There is a electrifying current running through the scene where Bauer interogates Jonas Hodges. Great to see Voight and Kiefer stepping up their actions.
16. Things are getting real on "24" when you see another main character (Chloe) sleeping. I can't handle this sleep garbage. If I wanted to see character's sleeping I would have watched "Chuck."
17. For all you 24 fans out there, I can't take Morris O'Brien seriously ever since I saw him take that power drill to the back last year.
18. Jack can't string this whole shooting up in back rooms along forever. Last time this happened, Jack ended up having a noche loco in Mexico holmes.
19. Chloe's hug count during the episode is three, Jack's kill count is zero. Get your act together writers, I want thugs getting poppped, not hugs from Chloe that can't be stopped.
20. This whole set-up of the innoncent Arabian once again proves chilling. They whole talk of fitting the psych profile, and how perfect he is is very "Arlington Road" esque. And if you don't get that reference, you're lost.
21. Pal points out besides debating torture ethics, another theme running through season is that of powerful redheaded women who stick by their men. Agent Walker loved Moss so dearly and has got a thing for Jack. And Tony's redheaded chick apparently likes evil dudes.
22. Glad to see that 24 may be conservative in it's torture ethics, but luckily 24 shows us gay reporters. How progressive.
23. We've waited the whole season to see Janeane hippie Garafallaololo get a stern talking to, and I'd say it delivered.
24. Two weeks in a row 24 ends with Tony threatening someone with death. Damn, he's really evil now.

This LA Life: Country Dance Off with Taylor Swift

I was five feet away from Taylor Swift singing her face off and I was paralyzed. Last fall, I did some temporary PA work on a popular show where Taylor was shredding some guitar. As many PA's do, I was summoned and I went where the masters dictated. Where they commanded was that I'd be a body for the sound check.

Once she starts playing, and man, she can really play, everyone around me starts dancing and going nuts, how nuts, like cashew style nuts. I've never heard of the girl before, so I'm thinking 1. How do you dance to Country? 2. You are technically getting paid to dance, so you should be dancing? 3. Did I go to college to dance in front of popstars? 4. And why had I lost the ability to groove?

Thankfully the powers that summoned me managed to spot the stiff in the crowd who wasn't grooving and somebody promptly pulled me from the pack. One minute I'm in the mix, and the next I'm carrying Audio Video cables to a myserious destination, I knew I should have took ballroom dancing as a kid. So the moral of the story and a true thislalife lesson. "Always be ready to dance"

April 24, 2009

Action Figure Opus

I'm pretty sure this whole thing was made with models, because if it is not, then my mind is blown. I'm posting this because it's more exciting that any movie coming out today.

April 23, 2009

Music To Blast You Through Thursday

Bro Mahn Indie Rock

With the weekend looming on the horizon, I decided I should drop this three jams on you and then give you a niblet of a classic TPG story to explain them.

1. Hunters & Runners "Floria"- Comes from my pals from Syracuse University. When I think of this band I think of my love of the flick "Conan The Barbarian" starring none other than the current Governor of California. In particular two members of the band and I would frequently quote the line "two snakes, coming together, as one" or in Ahnuld speak "twoo snaewkes cawming togetha (fists coming together motion) as wan."
The band is based out of Brookyln, New York. You can check out their myspace here

2. Lightning Bug "Airborne Bear"- Ahhhh, the sweet sounds of songs about flying animals. This band hailing from the mean streets of Philly has just completed a full length album, it's coming out soon. My good friend is the bassist, and he was the one who recently gave me this crucial bit of life advice.
TPG, you would enjoy movies and TV shows if you didn't analyze their trailers frame by frame.
Yes, great advice, from a great friend, and excellent bassist for a band that kicks out some hard rock, how rock, like granite rock. Check them out here

3. Recommended to me by my brother and his girlfriend, I challenge you not to like this band. According to the bro, brah, this band positively melted faces at the South by Southwest festival in Austin a couple weeks ago. And yes, all of their songs are as good as this one.

April 22, 2009

Narcissism? Not me, I'm better than that.

There is a new book making headlines, apparently it's better and more deserving of headlines than other books. It's called "The Narcissism Epidemic" and it's main claim is that the current generation of Americans (you know the ones that use that twitter thing, facebook each other, and listen to that God damn Rock and Roll dance music) are more self centered than ever. The book cites students who have attitudes on learning like the following.

"If I go to class I should at least get a B."

Written by Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D. and Keith Campbell, PhD. First off, I gotta say it's hard to be narcissistic with a name like Twenge, that name is like a wedgie & wet willie magnet. While I do feel like my generation does feel a certain sense of entitlement, I don't neccesarily think that is a bad thing. Yeah, if Phillip Esquire IV, from the Hamptons feels like he should have a BMW, a jet, and a lollipop, that's messed up.

But there is a fine line between defeating narcissism and crushing dreams. If some little girl thinks she's special and wants to be cure cancer, maybe society shouldn't be so quick to tell her she's not special and her dream should dry up like a raisin in the sun.

And by the way, a quick note to Dr. Twenge and Campbell, for people who hate narcissim, having personal pages on Simon & Schuster about your personal appearances and accomplishments aint the most humble thing in the world.

April 20, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 19

1. Why is "24" opening up with a random character, who we have never seen before, in some far off location. What is this, "Lost?"
2. The brief scene where the lady was killed and her identity quickly assumed chilling, not just because it was well shot but because it feels so real.
3. Thrilling to see Tony barking out orders like the demon hound of hell. It's about time that Tony starts taking a major leadership role, albeit an evil one.
4. Kim Bauer is looking like she's been eating cheese-cake for 24 hours.
5. She actually looks like she has a mini buttocks on her chin (it's hiding).
6. The super nerd dweeb dork in me has to point out that the last Asian government agent featured on 24 was none other than Daniel Day Kim, who went to great (and continuing) glory on "Lost"
7. Smart of the writers to have Jack's mental condition degrade rather than his physical condition. The loss of Jack's mind is much more frightening then his physical condition failing him.
8. I mean let's be honest, Bauer's skin is bulletproof, his killing skills are unmatched, and his marksmanship is comparable to William Tell.
10. If Jack's signature move is yelling "Dammit," then Hodges signature move is the nostral flare.
11. "In some countries, they would have shot him by now." Glad to know our writers remind us that even though our country is full of corrupt businesses like Starkwood, they still aren't as bad as "some countries."
12. Will Patton (the guy the blond lawyer calls) is a great actor, almost so great, that I'm surprised his arrival on 24 wasn't more publicised.
13. This scene where Jack is slowly interrogating Tony about the shell casings is vintage and old school 24, tense, well written, and exciting.
14. Touching that Kim named her daughter after her deceased mother Teri. And if you don't know, Teri was iced like a cake by the queen bitch herself, Nina.
15. To see Jack shooting up like that takes me back to Jack's Kurt Cobain days of season 3 when he was all strung out on heroin.
16. I don't think there has ever been a succesful prisoner transport in 24 history.
17. I'm kind of rooting for Tony, kind of, is the essential word there. Maybe it's his fly Indie Rock zip up hoodie.
18. I hate it when I know that Agent Walker isn't going to die because I read about her being a big part of season 8.
19. It's good to see that Jack's mental erosion does not stop him from recognizing crucial combat situations like nefarious villians lurking on the on the edges of the perimeter.
20. Two weeks. Two Huge Explosions. God I love this show.
21. Glad to see that the Tony's evil brother in arms pulls the old Marwan trick by putting on the the FBI jacket to get out.
22. Agent Walker is only mildly burned after that huge explosion? Perhaps just spending some time in proximity to Jack makes your skin tougher and more badass.
23. The confrontation between Jack and Tony by the ambulance is one of the best scences in 24 history! Once again! TONY!!!! TONY!
24. Jack with the crazy eyes, EVIL TONY! Blonds becoming red-heads! Neck stabings, wild wild wild 24. I love this show!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh!

April 16, 2009

This Texas Life

In honor of the fact I'm going to Texas today, here are couple of things that are pretty damn legit about Texas.

1. Sonic- The food is ghastly, but the happy hour drinks are heavenly. A huge cherry lime-ade for one dollar. Sign....me.....up. Why these places don't exist in LA, is mystery #76 about LA.

2. Taco Cabana- One step above Taco bell, and one step below your favorite burrito chain (Baja Fresh, Chipolte). I once met a member of MS-13 here in the summer, strange, frightening, and awesome.

3. Ice Houses- Basically an Ice House is a house full of ice that serves beer. People sit in the heat and drink the the beer that comes from the house.

4. Joel Osteen- Now, this is a guy who is divise, but I gotta say, after going to his Church, he knows how to put on a show.

5. HUGE MOVIE SCREENS- I don't know if everything is big in Texas, but the screens in every theatre are gigantic.

April 15, 2009

How I feel about pirates?

Way back in September, I wrote in this blog about how cool the new modern day pirate is. I must say, I should serve some time in the brig for this post. As this new pirate problem continues to escalate, I think it's time we look past the "Holy Shit, Pirates!" mindset and really take a look at what is going on here. POVERTY.

Somalia is a country roughly the size of Texas and has a national GDP that is not even close to that Lone Star (and apparently seccesion happy) state in the South. These pirates are born out of poverty and a lack of stable government, and while as I stated before, it's tough not to get a little excited about badass naval SEAL snipers and daring sea battles, the fact of the matter is, this is a serious problem. Not necessarily for the ships, but for the people of Somalia.

The answer to stopping piracy is not in more naval battles or gunfights, but on the shore. As my Dad put it, you can't just string up the bodies of the pirates in the port as a sign. Instead do what somebody did in the Caribbean. Instead of robbing the boats, just invite them to your docks, charge high prices for trinkets and drinks, and rob people of their loot legally.

April 14, 2009

Why Observe and Report is My Favorite Movie of 2009 (So Far)

1. Poorly marketed as a comedy, "Observe and Report" starring Seth Rogen is a spot on dark portrayal on mental disability on film. The film's protagonist Ronnie grip on reality loosens as the film progresses, and I found this tragic spiral to be tough to watch, yet almost impossible to turn away from.

2. There are some great performances in this film. Rogen is convincing as someone losing his mind and Michael Pena as Rogen's sidekick is a far cry from "Crash." Much praise has been heaped on Celia Watson's performance as Ronnie's alcoholic mother, and I have to agree.

3. The film's director Jody Hill has a knack for picking songs that match scenes correctly. The opening song that introduces us to the mall is "When I Paint My Masterpiece" by The Band via Bob Dylan. The song about "life in the land of Coca-Cola" and references to the "long hard climb" and girls promising to wait for our protagonist works well with the story and the themes of commericialism, love, and despair that at work in the film.

4. Between this film, "Eastbound & Down" and "The Foot Fist Way," it's clear that director Jody Hill has his thumb to the pulse of the hidden culture of the United States. Behind Obama's dog and Lindsey Lohan's dating habits, lies the America rarely seen on the television. It's the land of strip malls, the land of endless car dealerships, and a land of Ronnies, people who's dreams are constantly being deffered. Jody Hill knows this America and captures it on film.

5. This is a film that is not afraid to bust open genre conventions. Part of the reason people aren't responding to it is that the movie does not follow the general structure of a movie. Ronnie's life get's worse, and worse, and worse. It's kind of like "The Wrestler" except there's no Bruce Springsteen song at the end. The ending is as much disturbing as it is happy.

April 13, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 18

1. Jack is the new Chloe, he's stuck at a desk giving instructions to the field.
2. Tony's badass meter skyrocketed into the stratosphere when he revealed he not only rolls out with some great binoculars, but with three sticks of C-4.
3. What's with the President taLking down to our main man Tim? Doesn't she know that he is the coolest man in the White House and the man with the magic cell phone.
4. Great acting by Kiefer and Cherry Jones during the debate about whether to attack. You can see how much of the show still rides on the acting chops of Mr. Sutherland.
5. After all the hours, minutes, and days that Jack has spent with CTU, he still is most comfortable when he's totally off the grid, going rogue.
6. My friend is quick to point out that Tim's so damn cool that even Jonas Hodges is on a first name basis with him.
7. Where exactly is this base in the beltway area? It's totally dark, there is nothing around, no truth on the horizon.
8. I can't help but think how many conversations Eric Prince and his Blackwater boys had in the oval office with Bush that were similar to the Hodges-Jones debate of 2009.
9. "Pick up that document, Madame President" says Jonas Hodges with authority. God knows how many teachers have said that to students. "Pick up that document and read line four.....no Jimmy.....read.....it....out.....loud!
10. That was an epic explosion, I'm impressed, but that's not important, even Janeane was peeping that on the green screen.
11. It's a damn damn shame that the prez didn't smack a terrorist.
12. It wouldn't be 24 if the conspiracy didn't go higher and higher. Next season Jack Bauer is going to the top, the top of the word. Jack Bauer is taking on Zeus. I'd be down for it metaphorically, but I'd be if it a hell of lot cooler if he was fighting Perseus and riding griffins.
13. Personality changes? Does this mean that Jack is going to be a sensitive, peace loving, hippie who hates torture, and gives peace a chance.
14. I like the reveal that Kim has been in D.C the whole time, it works, and adds welcome dramatic weight to the season.
15. Welcome back Kim, glad to see that Elisa, has taken some time from the ice, to come back to the 24.
16. "All the time that we lost," says Kim. Is this a reference to the ticking clock that drives the characters through the narrative. If so, looks like Kim has gone meta on us.
17. I can't handle all this depression on 24. I watch this show for an escape, not to see an American Idol cry on TV.
18. The starwkood badass who pwned the FBI agent shoulda had a silencer. That's bad guy equipment requirement #15, #1 is clearly a fleece vest.
19. The music in this episode is great. Has some nice little jazz piano during the emotional moments with Jack and some great traditional movie sympohoninc music during the final chase.
20. Agent Moss was born to ride in that helicopter, and by the way, what a grizzly headshot on the pilot, poor guy.
21. Terrorists drive FORDS, not the tag line that that FORD needs, but hey they didn't get bailout money, so there marketing has to be working.
22. Tony kills Moss. Tony kills Moss. Tony kills Moss. Holy shit! And of course he doesn't get a silent countdown.
23. Tony is evil, more nuts that cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, combined with all the nuts I can't recall right now because my mind is reeling.
24. One of the best twists ever in 24, straight up, that's all I got.

April 10, 2009

Merry Easter Weekend and Happy Passover

Many people are off work today, so I'm not going to hit you with a massive blog post. Instead check out this song, aka the best song of all time. Yeah, I said it, and I'm sticking to it. Have a great weekend, yeah that thumbs up over there is another way of telling how fresh this song is. Have a great fun weekend, I hope it's sunny and warm wherever you guys are at.

April 9, 2009

Kenny Powers Will Return!

Yesterday it was announced that "Eastbound & Down" will return to the airwaves. This news is like getting hit by a Kenny Powers pitch and getting your eye knocked out. It sucks to lose an eye, but hopefully you'll get some money when you sue a now big league bound Kenny Powers. Here's the breakdown

The Good: Kenny is coming back!
The Bad: We have to wait all the way to January for new episodes.

The Bad: If the show is in a new location, who knows if the old characters will show up.
The Good: The writers of the show cooked up some memorable characters the first time, so we'll hopefully get a brand new batch of Steve Janowksis

The Good: Danny McBride and the Eastbound guys have a sick new movie coming out called "Your Highness"
The Good: You're fucking out is now a national catch phrase!

April 8, 2009

Why Kal Penn Joining The White House Is Crazy

Kal Penn, the actor who has played Kumar in the "Harold & Kumar" films is joining the White House as a liason to Asian American groups and The Arts. While this turn may be surprising (how could the guy from Superman work at the Whitehouse?), Penn actually has a long political history. A graduate from UCLA, Penn has been speaking on college campuses across the country about political issues. He even taught a course at the University of Pennsylvania.

First off, I know Penn is a wicked smart dude, but the simple fact that Kumar, the biggest on screen stoner of the 21st century in now working in the White House in a field as marihuannna friendly as "The Arts...." is nothing short of wild. Check out the scene above from "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay." It's funny, progressive (aka "stoner friendly"), and also politically interesting.

So in honor of Mr. Penn's ascent to the white house. I would like to nominate the following other fictional characters to the White House staff.

1. Spider-Man- This is a hero who has a pure heart, I wanted to nominate Batman, but he's vigilante style of justice doesn't gel with 21st century politics (see the interogation scene in "The Dark Knight" for explanation).

2. Atticus Finch- Hero of "To Kill a Mockingbird" narrator and star is wise beyond his years.

3. Captian Kirk- I'm hearing his leadership is impeccable in the new Star Trek.

April 6, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 17

1. Janeane using hipster mac book bro. What you doing besides looking at satellite photos, making TV On The Radio remixes on garage band.
2. The whole WMD "anything here at "awllall alll"" thing reminded me of the whole WMD hoax of the Iraq war, then I realized that I don't like reality in my 24 and quickly re-focused on Jon Voights over acting.
3. Renee Walker, the smart capable FBI agent, until it's all on the line and she needs a man to help her. I'm sure Women's studies professors (how many watch 24, that's a different question) are feeling happy about that.
4. Jack is so damn awesome he makes being quarantined interesting.
5. "Let's move into position", bunch of dudes wearing matching costumes, moving in sync. What is this a musical. Starkwooooooood, we're not gooooood (snap, snap).
6. First time Moss has tasted blood in his life, Bauer on the other hand, he drinks blood, not cause he's a vampire, but just because he's Jack Bauer.
7. Tim shows up again in the President's office. What was he doing before that, considering he's the coolest guy in White House, I'm saying he upstairs playing Poker with Agent Pierce while watching Deliverance.
8. Jack can add lying to the President to his growing resume of "crimes", yeah I know it was health related.
9. This reporter guy talking to Olivia looks a hell of like Cummings from Season 5.
10. Janeane, your little nerd talk is no match for Tony's macho-ness ("I now how it works"), it's times like this where I really miss Chloe.
11.The whole keyguard-countdown, Knoles distracting the guards was vintage 24. A tense situation, a ticking clock, and whole bunch at stake
12. The face that Jack was making was straight up the most afraid I've ever been afriad for Jack in the history of the show. I mean I know he's coming back for Season 8, and I've seen him die (twice) but seriously, that was freaky.
13.The whole Starkwood lab kind of reminds me of the Jurassic Park lab, please, please, let them have velicoraptors eggs around there somewhere. Is that weapon, dinosaurs?
14. I gotta say, I didn't see that Olivia move coming. I figured she'd record the convo, but recording the deed itself, wowsers, what website you uploading that vid too?.
15. YES! Stem cells finally show up on 24. After 6 seasons of the torture debate, we finally get the Stem cell issue.
16. The 24 fan in me does not want to see Kim come back, because she has not had a decent story line since Season 1, but the 22 year old male in me wants to see a babe return to the show. I mean Janeane being on the show kind of cancels out the babe factor of Walker, and Olivia is too evil to be attractive.
17. Tony Almeada, was he a field goal kicker Syracuse University, how else do you explain that kick to the face.
18. Tony has got that a nice sweater, a sweet vest, and a saddle bag. He now has a spin-off show where listens to Arcade Fire on his Ipod, drinks PBR, and competes in the Hipster Olympics in Williamsberg, Brookyln.
19. Jonas Hodges has got to be the most eloquent 24 villian of all time. This dude must have absolutely dominated the debate, public speaking, and speech teams in High School. All the other towns probably hated him "ahhhh, gawd, we're going against J. Hodge, come on."
20.How did Hodges treat Knowles like a son if they are about the same age?
21. Knowles falls and dies, crucified on the planet earth, dying to save us, all of us. Little too intense, hey it's Holy week, relax.
22.White Phosphorous charges, great for BBQing steaks, burgers, and chicken, and shrimp.
23. Once again, Tim, DA coolest guy in the white house, takes a break from crushing beyahs, watching Redskin games, to deliver a message from his super phone.
24. This has gotta be the longest streak without Jack in the field taking names, and frankly it's a testament to the show's writers that they can the hero dying, and the show still is gripping.

Getting wild at G20

This picture from the end of G20 is about a week old, but I'm posting it now because I don't want anyone to forget this epic and hilarious photograph. Let me break down what's going on here. So starting from left to right.
1. Mustache Man #1- Cannot believe that Obama is smiling so broadly and throwing up the thumbs up sign. His look says "yo dude, it's one conference, we got a world to fix"
2. The Dude With the Agal- This guy is trying to get the hell out out of this bromance love fest.
3. Anonymous Asian Guy in Back- This guy is probably an important world leader, the fact that I don't know he is says that I obsess over "Lost" "24" and thislalife too much.
4. The Big O- And I ain't talking about Oprah. The only one cool enough to rock the red tie is clearly the guy who knows he's most baller and most popular in the room. (And there's nothing wrong with that)
5. It's meya Silvio Berlusconi. I can't believe I got mi arm around this guy I called tan a couple weeks ago.
6. Hu Jintao- Trying to stay stoic, but he's about one thumbs up from cutting loose and getting wild. 
7. Gordon Brown- Dude's arm is in a strange position. Maybe he's doing the stank leg.
8. Once again I have no idea what important international leader this is. Hopefully like members of US congress,  he's on twitter and I can follow him (along with John Mayer)
9. Mustache Bash Attender #2- As if this picture was painted by Da Vinci, their is beautiful symmetry of mustaches. 

April 3, 2009

Weekend Preview: Is it still Furious?

Unless they are all driving hybrid station wagons, I'm pretty sure it's still fast. But is it still furious? The original film "The Fast and the Furious" came out over eight years ago in June. Eight years is a long time, the world has changed. Since the last film came out, the economy blew out all of it's tires, a new President was elected, the 9/11 attacks occurred, and Vin Diesel went from promising action God, to weakling SCI-FI wanna be actor.

Let's be honest, these movies are based on pure thrills. They are basically racing video games with actors. But as time changed and video games and media has gotten better, where does a film like this fit into society. One can play the "Burnout" series and see spectacular crashes. Hell, you can even play "Wheelman" starring Vin Diesel himself.

The success of this film depends on it's ability to deliver new thrills. When I saw the first one in the movie, it felt like a car race film for my generation. All the cars were souped up street racers, not old school muscle cars, the drivers were young. Here's hoping that 8 years has nott changed anything and that those "original parts" haven't rusted in the face of history.

April 2, 2009

Wolverine And The Great Fanboy Dilemma

Almost a week ago, I said that "Wolverine" was the movie that was going to kick-start the popcorn bucket goodness of the summer movie season. And now yesterday, a working DVD print of the upcoming summer flick "Wolverine" leaked onto the internet. Anybody who knows how to download movies (which is about every male between the ages of 12-25) could be watching it in hours. And every fanboy, the same people who have been analyzing each trailer frame by frame (I would not't be doing that, nope, no, not me) had the opportunity to get their claws on their beloved X-Men Opus early.

To watch or not to watch? To snikt or not to snikt? These are the questions fanboys faced yesterday. The big websites for geeks posted articles saying they don't support early reviews or the piracy of the print. I see through this claim, it's obvious the film geeks who depend on the studios for "scoops" don't want to damage their relationship with the studios. I get it, but quit with the Holier Than Thou business. If someone presented with one of these websites a chance to peep, let's say, Star Wars Episode 7 early, they would break into studios ninja style to do it, wait, kind of just described the plot to an actual movie.

While I don't support piracy, I was tempted to peep the movie yesterday. Then I realized one of the best things in the world are midnight screenings for nerdastic movies. Nothing matches the excitement of staying up late, getting a large coke to stay awake, and geeeeeking out with an audience that knows every name on the mutant database in X2. I'm going to wait. And with that comment, I have let my nerd flag fly a little to high. I'm going to ummm, drink some beer, and watch some baseball!

April 1, 2009

How Does The Recession Impact Celebrity Culture

The economy of the United States (and the world) is metaphorically being attacked by robots, aliens, zombies, giant bugs, dinosaurs, giant mutant sharks, vampires, werewolves, and well you get the picture. The reality is that the undoing of our economy is our own fault. We allowed for things to move along without any regulation, and here we are.

So what is the effect on our celebrity culture? None really. In these tough times, it may just add to the scope of it. I feel like people are looking to the make-believe (like Megan Fox, Transformers babe above) as an escape from their real and difficult lives. Evidence of this is the massive box office for 2009. We view celebrities as almost untouchable princes and princesses. Their lives are like windows into a dream world that we wish we could live. Of course the flip side is that we are wickedly happy when they go off the rails. It makes us feel better about our own difficult personal lives .

So far we haven't seen Brad Pitt looking for work on the corner or struggling over his budget. Once that happens, things will be real crazy and we'll need a whole new set of metaphors.