December 4, 2009

When Is It Cool To Start Bumping Christmas Jams?

When it comes to Christmas Music, there are couple of things you gotta know. The first, I don't play games when it comes to Christmas music. The second, I have a very substantial library full of classic standards and modern bangers. The third, don't even think about spreading sonically inclined holiday cheer until December 1!

Christmas in CalifornIay can be tough. There isn't that many lights, there definitely isn't snow anywhere, and tis' hard to be in Christmas cheer when you are wearing board shorts and surfing all the time brahhhhh. So, because it doesn't really feel like Christmas, I've been struggling with tapping the song library because I don't want to start the sleigh early (apparently starting the sleigh early can really unjingle some people's bells).

What I'm going to do, is ease into the Christmas song world. One minute I'll be listening to some Brad Paisley, mix it up with a little brah man indie rock Edward Sharpe, and then out of nowhere comes Jim Jones "Living Fast and Balling At Christmas Time." The next day I'll stuff the Christmas Song Stocking a little more, then a little more. Before you know, I'll have Mariah Carey on repeat, and if you don't know about Mariah Carey and Christmas, well you must be Scrooge.

1 comment:

  1. December 1st is too early, I can't even turn on the radio now without hearing Christmas music... it blows.