December 7, 2009



When I turned 10 years old, it was a very big deal for all the parties involved. I was anxiously expecting the impending arrival of some fresh Nerf guns and my parents, grandparents, and other relatives were impressed that I was now in double digit world. Double digits, that's a hell of concept. I can only imagine what 100 feels like. I can tell you one thing, that's a hell of lot candles on a cake.

And now here we are, on the cusp of entering the double digit years, it's a place that we're going to be a long time. Barring some insane medical advancements, I'll probably retire both in the literal and metaphorical sense in the double digits. The world is going to change a lot in the doubles, hopefully things will be double the fun and joy, and not double the sadness.

So before the great odometer ticks up, let's take this time to look back at EVERYTHING. There are many retrospectives coming out now, and many more  forthcoming. Some, like TIME magazine's  seek to remind you how much the decade sucked. Some like, Film School Rejects provide a very insightful look on the important films of the decade. Me, well, let's just say I went through high school, college, and young adulthood during the 00s, so in other words, I have lots to talk about.

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