November 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up: Christmas Caroling For November

Why is Jim Carrey flying in this poster? Since when does Ace have the powers of flight? But let's cut the chase here, and by chase, I mean the lame re-adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" the play I have seen more than any other play in the brief history of TPG's timeline of plays.

I'm a big fan of ye ole ACC for many reasons. The first is that it features my main man Tiny Tim, a cheerful ball of Christmas joy that brightens up my soul every holiday season. The second is the ghost of Jacob Marley always got me good, with the chains and all, but I apologize I'm getting off track here. Why was this film even made? And why was it not live action?

Every time I see one of these Robert Zemeckis CGI movies all i think of is how much cooler they would be if they were live action. Beowulf cutting off his own arm and ripping out a dragon's heart, yeah wish it was live action. The Polar Express arriving in the North Pole, god dayum, I wish it was real. Jacob Marrrrrrleeeyyyy's ghost showing up, yeah wish it was en realidad as well.

If I wanted to see CGI trickery, I would go play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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