November 13, 2009

Water On The Moon Part 2: The Possibilities

Now that water was found in the moon, the moon is currently the object of my imagination, so here is what we can expect on a lunar level in the near future.

1. Quidditch- With the low gravity of the moon, players could ride self propulsion devices and actually play the legendary game in real life. When I realized this was possible, I fell out of my chair, and then drank some Polyjuice potion, and paid a visit to the Deathy Hallows set to say hello to Hermione

2. Skateboarding- The moon gravity feature from the Tony Hawk pro-skater video games will now become a reality making extreme sports, much more extreme now, mahn.

3. NASA Ice Cream will now be the start of a long line of brands that involve the moon. Italians, the owner of the legendary "Italian Ice" dynasty, will succumb to the power of moon ice, and there will be order in the ice cream world once more.

4. The moon landing will now be revealed to be totally true, and all the haters will have begin to cook up new theories regarding Mars.

5. Plans are already in the works for the first concert to be held on the moon, my vote would be for Daft Punk.

6. Wes Anderson will finally be able to shoot his movie in space (who cares?)

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  1. Robert Heinlein (Starship Troopers) wrote a short story called "The Menace from Earth" that mentioned hang gliding on the moon more than 50 years ago.