November 3, 2009

Tom Hardy Will Eat You

Take a look at this man. This is a man who doesn't like it when people take a look at him. How do I know this? I know this because he has blood all over his chest, and rule #43 in the TPG book of life, you don't look at jacked terrifying dudes with blood all over their chest. In case you were wondering rule #42 is always eat the fortune cookie after your read the fortune.

This is man is Tom Hardy and he's the the next big thing in Hollywood. He has been getting rave reviews for his performance in a film called "Bronson" (trailer here). Recently he has been in the news because Arthur Miller has cast him and Charlize Theron in the next "Mad Max" film, wait, did I say Arthur Miller, I meant George Miller. Arthur Miller, wrote "The Crucible" and "Death Of A Salesman" which is light years away from Mad Max, sorry to spite you there Arty.

Tom Hardy seems like the real deal, in fact he very well could be the action movie badass that the world needs right now. And, let me just one thing clear, Sam Worthington's AMC (action movie cred) plummeted once he decided to go all blue on us in "Avatar." Maybe he can save it with "Clash of the Titans", but when I pit the AMC or Hardy vs the AMC or Worthington, even in this picture, Hardy still takes the hardware, the trophy, and the cake.

Worthington holding a Trash Can Lid

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