November 5, 2009

Danny Boyle Picks His New Movie

Danny Boyle has decided that his next movie (link takes you to the story) will be about legendary climber Aron Ralston. This is exciting for a multitude of reasons, that I'll break down right here.

1. In a world of fictional badasses, Aron Ralston is the real deal. Dude broke his own arm, sawed threw with a dull knife, and then made it safety (and tons of accolades in the world). In the great badass spectrum, he's somewhere in the stratosphere.

2. Danny Boyle is one of the most interesting directors in the game right now. He continually challenges himself with his movies. He re-invented the zombie genre with "28 Days Later," melted people's hearts won some serious hardware with "Slumdog," and made the criminally underatted "Millions."

3. Climbing movies are always intense. See "Touching The Void."

4. Dude sawed his own arm

5. Dude sawed his own arm

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