November 10, 2009

Answering The Call of Duty

In case you were wondering, those are night vision goggles. If you're follow up question is whether wearing night vision googles will enhance your ability meet beautiful people of the opposite sex, that is something that you need to find yourself. Either way, you should know that today, November 10th is the day that "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" comes out to the world. It has been billed as the biggest "entertainment launch" in history.

I will be acquiring this game, but not without slight trepidation. As computer processor power increases, so does the power of video games. Games now can be considered "art," see Sony's recent game"Flower." Yet video games can also be wildly real.

As these games become more and more intense, I worry that they will dull us to the real horrors of war. The  recent tragic events at Fort Hood remind us that violence is real and terrifying. Prior to the release of Modern Warfare, a minor controversy erupted over a portion of the game where the player tags along on a terrorist mission, killing innocents at an crowded Airport (great piece on it here).

I can only say that as games increase in their intensity and realism, I wish the game creators start thinking more about their responsibility as content creators. The Pentagon has a Hollywood Liason department (who seems to work extra hard on the Transformer's Movies), so perhaps they should be turning their eyes to "Call of Duty" world. It's a massive influence on how people young and old view warfare and violence, and you don't need night vision goggles to see that.

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