November 23, 2009

2012 Fills A Hole In The Film Universe

"2012" is the film that I've been waiting for years. It fulfills a promise made to me 14 years ago by film auteur Kevin Costner. And it fills a giant blank space in the film universe. IT IS THE LONG AWAITED PREQUEL TO WATERWORLD.

At the end of "2012" the human race is on a whole bunch of boats, or arcs, floating in the ocean. That's it, that's how it ends, however I'm told after the credits Dennis Hopper shows up to show how the renegade smokers are born. Also, a film attendent took a break from keeping the "New Moon" hordes at bay and told me that The Mariner, aka Coster is clearly visible in the background of many scenes.

This is earth shattering news people, Waterworld is a forgotten classic that was way ahead of it's time. Rumor has it that Al Gore hosts midnight screenings of on the harvest moon of the third month of each year. So do yourself a favor, go see 2012, and then go rent Waterworld, I promise you, you'll that convenient or not, you'll find some truth there.

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  1. I have been wondering about this for years! Excellent insight.