October 30, 2009

When Horror Movies & Reality Collide

Fiction is so 2008. Reality is all the rage now. "Paranormal Activity", which looks "real" is everywhere, next week "The Fourth Kind" abducts all of us with it's "real footage" of alien abduction, and soon 2012 comes out, which is totally real, wait, no it's not, uh, forget it. Either way, here are some stories that should rattle your bones. Some of them have been turned into films some of them probably will be films in 2-3 years. Just wait.

The Mothman
On the left is the infamous "Mothman" is a monster that lurks somewhere in Virginia. No, it's not a politician caught with sex toys and a stripper in a graveyard, an alien, a demon, or bored high school kid. It is something scaaarrry that plenty of people believe that is real. Apparently, numerous people recount seeing a six foot tall massive creature with glowing red eyes and an enormous pair of wings. So it was a really really stoned Angel or some type of otherworldy demon. Either way, it has found it's way to Hollywood in a 2002 flick with Richard Gere and Laura Linney. I saw it at a young adult gathering and it destroyed me.

Fallen Angel
This video has been around since Ebaum's World and it still freaks me out. The scare factor here is enhanced by the handheld camera, the foreign language, and the setting (where are these hermanos?). This video also taps into the Chupacabra obsession of Latin America. Part of the appeal is that the video reminds me of the classic short story "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" by Marquez, which deals with a fallen angel in a poor community (you're welcome past English teachers). Either way this video still provides a good fright, even if some people aleady debunked it.
Sawney Bean
Yeah, you don't know bout ol' Sawney do yah? It's cool, I didn't either. He's an old Scottish bro who cannibalized over 1000 people, I guess that doesn't make him a bro though, he'd be a bro if he cannibalized people and then ate them with a side of fries and mug of Bud Deez. Legend has it that his brood (over 46 family members) just rolled around Scotland eating nuggets, but these weren't DEEZ nuggets, they were human nuggets. Terrifying, but I gotta say that picture doesn't do him justice.

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