October 26, 2009

Welcome To Halloween Week

Welcome to Halloween Week on thislalife. During the course of the week, I will be dropping science, dropping truth, and dropping metaphorical candies into your awaiting pillowcase, cause let's be honest, people stopped trick or treating with those plastic pumpkins when they were two.

First, let's tackle the horror movie war that raged at the box office this weekend.

"Paranormal Activity" destroyed "Saw" and things are looking up for the human race. Why? Because this could be the the nail in the eyeball for the "torture-porn genre" of horror films. It's fitting that it's evil reign on top was ended by "Paranormal," a film that almost, I repeat almost, made me lose it in the theatre.

I've never been a fan of the "Saw" movies, granted I've only seen the first, but honestly, it's just too depressing, everything in the movies are so damn grim, lost people, lost in their lifes, and stuck in traps set to tear them to pieces, sorry meng, not my jam, not my jam at all. Glad you're finished, even though, I will probably end up going to see the next one, only because it's in 3D and 3D horror movies are the truth.

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