October 23, 2009

Weekend Preview: Here's to you Nicolas Cage

Take a look at the man above, not just a glance, but a real good look. What do you see? I see an icon, a cinematic legendary on par with Perseus or Kratos. This is a man who won an Oscar for "Leaving Las Vegas," started a franchise with National Treasure, and created the Trinity of 90's action movies, of course the Trinity being "The Rock," "Con Air," and "Face/Off." In other words straight legend status.

*TPG Fun Fact- I have an autographed picture of Nicholas Cage back at home, got it when I was 12.

Being a big fan of THE CAGE I was surprised to hear him talking about his new movie "Astro Boy," that opens today. Yeah, I guess he voices one of the characters, damn, CAGE, I'm surprised. I guess the road to the "Face/Off" sequel/prequel/spinoff/tv series/video game is paved in shitty 3D animated movies about boys with rockets and their feet and the creepy scientists that invented them.

CAGE is not one to get freaked out over "Paranormal Activity", "The Vampire's Assistant" or the "Saw" movies, all opening this weekend, you see, the dude took down the "The Wicker Man" so demonic possessions, toothy accountants, and jigsaw puzzles don't make him sweat, they make him cackle. In other news "Amelia" comes out today as well, and that my good friends is something that scares Nicholas Cage, no, not Hillary Swank, but, the demonic entity that swallowed Amelia, the Bermuda Triangle. Cage hates the Bermuda Triangle, and it hates him too.

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